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Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Those who are worried about Derrius Guice's character picked up some added evidence when, on Monday night, the Redskins rookie invited a bunch of fans to watch Avengers with him in Ashburn.

Man, what is this guy's deal?

First of all, not everyone likes superheroes. So how did he know that those who joined him actually wanted to see Avengers?  Did he even ask? What if they wanted to see that really successful, really funny, really well-regarded Amy Schumer comedy, instead?

Then, there's the issue of Guice buying tickets and concessions for those who showed up.

Some people enjoy buying movie tickets — which are absolutely reasonably priced these days — and, as far as the concessions, seriously? Candy? Popcorn? He could've at least offered to buy something healthier, like broccoli. All movie theaters have broccoli.  

Thankfully, those who took Guice up on his invitation weren't grateful for the experience at all, which hopefully means this will be the last time he orchestrates a dastardly deed like this one:

At this point, it's a surprise Guice didn't slide even farther down in the draft, like to the 15th round. Unbelievable.



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Derrius Guice has already impressed the Redskins and it's not because of his running

Derrius Guice has already impressed the Redskins and it's not because of his running

It was ONE rookie minicamp practice in May — a practice that didn't include much blocking, any tackling or more than a handful of future NFL players — but even in that single session, Derrius Guice gave off the vibe of a running back who's not going to be fun to bring down.

Wearing a Redskins jersey for the first time between the white lines, the 2018 Draft's 59th overall pick looked thick and strong, standing out on an Ashburn field that was littered with more than 80 other roster hopefuls. Afterward, however, it wasn't Guice's work on offense that impressed Jay Gruden the most.

"He’s just a ball of energy," the head coach said of the ex-LSU RB in his post-minicamp presser. "He’s really excited to be here. He’s willing to learn. He’s first in the meeting, got his playbook open and just soaking in all the knowledge."

That energy and excitement that Gruden mentioned were immediately evident in Guice's chat with the media, too.

"It felt like my dream finally came true," the 20-year-old said when asked how he enjoyed his first real(-ish) taste of pro football. 

The self-described angry runner didn't mind that there wasn't any contact in Friday's practice, either. He still found the experience to be quite valuable.

"I feel like this is important, just getting a grasp on the plays," he said. "It's not all about just putting on the pads, going out there and running someone over. It's the mental stuff first."

The physical stuff isn't at all the issue with Guice; his 32 career touchdowns in the SEC can tell you that. What worried organizations, and what ultimately caused him to slide to the bottom of the draft's second round, is that mental stuff — his maturity, his preparedness, his dedication.

Yet Gruden, Doug Williams and others with the 'Skins have had nothing but good things to say about their newest offensive weapon's character since they selected him. 

As for Guice, well, let's just say he's pretty thrilled about his current occupation and so far is showing no signs of being a guy who's not passionate about what he does.

"It's just football all day," he said, "and I feel like that's the best part about being a pro."


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Jason Witten had a great career, and fortunately for the Redskins, that career looks to be over

Jason Witten had a great career, and fortunately for the Redskins, that career looks to be over

UPDATE: Todd Archer of ESPN is reporting that Witten's decsion to retire is final. 

If Santana Moss was the Cowboy Killer, Jason Witten was the Redskin Killer. But, luckily for Washington's defense and its fans, Witten is reportedly retiring from the NFL after 15 incredible seasons and heading to call games in the Monday Night Football booth. 

And damn, it could not have come any sooner.

The only team Witten tormented more with touchdown grabs than the Redskins (9) was the Giants (15). Overall, the tight end squared off with the Burgundy and Gold 30 times, and in those 30 appearances, he totaled 20 wins, 129 catches and 1,446 yards. Those are large numbers.

In fact, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Witten somehow figured out a way to catch a 9-yard TD vs. the 'Skins next season, despite the fact that he'll be watching their Monday night contests as a commentator. That's one part of the Dallas-Washington rivalry people in D.C. will not miss, at all.

The 35-year-old will finish fourth all-time in catches, behind fellow decent players Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Gonzalez and Jerry Rice. So, congrats on the miraculous career, Jason — and don't let the door hit you on your reliable, clutch hands on the way out.



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