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UVA's basketball arena has a new favorite John Paul Jones

UVA's basketball arena has a new favorite John Paul Jones

If you do not follow the official Twitter account of the John Paul Jones Arena, you are missing out on premium "Bachelor in Paradise" content. 

During the college hoops off-season, UVA's home arena - as SBNation's Streaking The Lawn first pointed out - has become a fan account for the Bachelor contestant of the same name.

The name isn't the only connection: John Paul Jones, the "Bachelor in Paradise" fan favorite is a DMV local, and son of a UVA alumnae. We even saw him at a Nationals game this season.

And so, in lieu of any pressing sports news, the Arena's account is capturing the biggest news in reality TV.

JPJ stole the hearts of ABC's "The Bachelorette" fans on Hannah Brown's season. After a few short weeks, he was sent home, though his time with the franchise did not end there. He is a staple on the networks' spin-off show, "Bachelor in Paradise" which currently airs twice a week.

The Twitter account is all in on this season, live-tweeting the best JPJ content.

JPJ Arena will welcome home national champion Virginia Cavaliers when their season kicks off in November.

The arena hopes to add to the excitement by creating the greatest sports and Bachelorette crossover ever. 


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Call of the Comeback: Charlie Slowes on his epic Nats-Mets walkoff radio call, how it compares to 'The WerthQuake'

Call of the Comeback: Charlie Slowes on his epic Nats-Mets walkoff radio call, how it compares to 'The WerthQuake'

By now you've heard The Radio Call. You know the one.

The Nationals are down 6 heading into the 9th and Kurt Suzuki blasts a 3-run homer to walk it off. All the while Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler of 106.7 THE FAN are going crazy. 

Yes, that's the one.

The call will give you chills, thus we decided it goes down as an iconic sports moment. The Immaculate Reception, The Rumble in the Jungle, and now, The Radio Call. 

For Slowes, he ranks this as one of his top five favorite moments. "Fifteen years with the Nationals, it's up there," he said.

Fans were quick to draw comparisons to Slowes' call made during Game 4 in 2012 when Jason Werth hit a walk-off. 

"So it was a similar type call, hit a similar spot in the ballpark, player who hit it was wearing number 28... again," said Slowes. "Very eerie in that regard."

Slowes and Jageler told fans in unison if they left the game before the comeback, "you blew it!

"It's kind of a schtick or a bit we have done before. This one, I could see where he was going with the setup and I knew the timing of it and we kind of hit it," Jageler recalled. "With the different pitches of our voice, it almost came out in harmony."

The call has gone viral on Twitter and throughout the Nationals fan base. 

"I've heard it a bunch of times... whether or not I wanted to," joked Slowes.


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Nationals players on the stressful process of choosing a nickname for Players' Weekend

Nationals players on the stressful process of choosing a nickname for Players' Weekend

Zimm, Brown Eye and T3 will all take the field against the Cubs in the annual Players' Weekend series August 23-25.

Some Nationals players got creative when choosing nicknames, and others (yes you, Javy Guerra aka Javy) could use some inspiration. 

Other nicknames just made sense.

Fernando Rodney's nickname, "La Flecha", translates from Spanish to "the arrow". If you had the opportunity to watch the Fernando Rodney experience, you know that he celebrates a save by shooting an imaginary bow and arrow to the sky. 

He described the routine just like pitching: "you know where it is going exactly, you got a good shot."

When asked if he had any other nickname ideas he joked that he thought about using "Plátano Power". A joke dating back to 2017. 

Patrick Corbin is using his Players' Weekend jersey to honor his late friend and Angels pitcher, Tyler Skaggs. His nickname will say "Forty Five", Skaggs' number which Corbin wore days after his death. 

Other nicknames were no brainers, almost decided for the players. 

Wander Suero will go by "The Animal", the nickname given to him in the minor leagues that stuck with him. One of his coaches, Donald Ray "Spin" Williams, would tell him all the time, "you're an animal" because of the way he hustled. It caught on with his teammates and Spin still calls him that. 

Sean Doolittle's nickname was teased for a long time, Obi Sean. His Star Wars-themed bobblehead was a giveaway earlier in the season, featured the relief pitcher as Obi-Wan Kenobi from the popular franchise. The nickname is also his Twitter name though no one calls him that.

Doolittle has changed his nickname for the past three years. "It gives you an opportunity to show a little personality and have some fun with it." He said he can show that he is "a Star Wars nerd." 

These nicknames are chosen in Spring Training, and Doolittle remembers this happening early in the morning. "It's 6 or 7 am and they are walking around the clubhouse with a clipboard asking what you want your players weekend nickname to be at the end of August." He joked, "it's not the most creative time, you're not really awake yet." 

Tanner Rainey was one of those players who may not have been awake yet. When asked if he would answer a few questions about his nickname he laughed and said, "I don't even know my nickname." (For those wondering, it's Rainman).

He said he never really had a nickname but a few guys started calling him Rainman.

"If there's not one I would have went with Rainey on the back of the jersey," he said.

This choice is not because he doesn't like the idea. Rather, he is just focused on baseball during Spring Training.

"Alright that's in late August, this is February," said Rainey. "Let's worry about tomorrow first." 

Doolittle had the perfect way to describe making such an important decision.  "You know-how like the month leading up to Halloween you are like 'I have no idea what I want to dress up as.' You scramble for a costume and you're like 'yeah this works, whatever, at least I dressed up'. That day and the week after it feels like you have all these great ideas and you are like 'aw I should write these down'." 

"So maybe I will do that this year," Doolittle joked. "Maybe I need to start a notes app on my phone."