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Sports cancellations have caused a surplus of chicken wings, and these are the places you should order them from in the DMV

Sports cancellations have caused a surplus of chicken wings, and these are the places you should order them from in the DMV

With the cancellation of the NCAA tournament, sports fans have not eaten their normal share of chicken wings. 

According to a Washington Post article this week, chicken wings are in a massive surplus. To help out with this interesting issue, we decided to make a list of the best places to order chicken wings from. 

Alright sports fans. Let's order some wings.

1. MOMO 
Located in Bethesda, Md., MOMO is a go-to for delicious wings. You can choose between four different flavors; Soy Garlic Sauce, Hot and Spicy Sauce, Half and Half Sauce and KFC Original Sauce. Order wings for pick up or delivery on GrubHub. 

2. Hard Times
Hard Times Cafe has a few locations and is available for delivery on the GrubHub app. Choose between Grilled or Boneless wings in six different flavors: Original Texas, Chili Lime, Honey BBQ, Old Bay, Sweet Red Chili, and Teriyaki.

3. Federalist Pig
A Columbia Heights BBQ hot spot, the Federalist Pig is a must order when you are craving some "que." Order some of their BBQ wings for delivery on the Postmates or DoorDash app.

4. Smoke and Barrel
You can order smoked chicken wings or soy-based vegan wings from this Adams Morgan establishment. They have seven different sauce options and each one will make your mouth water. Choose from Dry, Wet, Muddy, Buffalo Bleu, Sweet Garlic Chili, Chipotle Honey Butter or Bourbon Mustard Glaze and order on most food delivery apps.

5. Wingos
If you like choices, Wingos is the place to order from. They offer over 24 different flavors ranging from plain all the way to "bite me." Wingos has three different locations throughout D.C. with each location delivering through the GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash or Caviar app.

Do you have a favorite wing spot that didn't make our list? Tweet us @NBCSWashington and give us some dinner ideas.

Everything that happened in LoveCast episode one


Everything that happened in LoveCast episode one

LoveCast Episode One

If you already binge-watched Love is Blind, are anxiously awaiting the next season of The Bachelor, or miss watching awkward first dates from afar, look no further. 

Two D.C.-based companies, CarpeDM and District IRL, have teamed up to give us the quarantine love stories we deserve. 

LoveCast is an interactive dating experience where the audience is just as involved in the dating process. 

The audience has a chance to play matchmaker with 10 singles, ask questions throughout the live date and decide who should be matched up for each FaceTime hangout.  

Ready to meet the singles looking for love? Each participant was asked to make an intro video so we could find them a match.

Not only does the audience get to watch each date, but they get to interview the contestants immediately after...and yes, it is as awkward as it sounds. 

Date One: Deven and Reza

Deven and Reza seem like really nice people. He can't stop talking about Olive Garden and she is politely laughing along.

They have similar theories about Tiger King and who may have killed Carole Baskin's husband. 

Oh, and they talked more about unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. 

Note: Not that I am in a position to give dating advice, but I wouldn't bring up Olive Garden more than once on a first date. 

Will there be another date according to them: yes
Do I see a connection: no

Date Two: Dawn and Pasha

If you had any doubts about two strangers falling in love on an online dating show, watch this date. These two have sparks flying all over the place. 

The only red flag of this date might be their age difference. Dawn is 34 and Pasha is 28.

Oh no, this is Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind all over again. Or, maybe you are thinking that a six-year age difference is no big deal. 

Whichever thought your mind went to, you're right. 

Will there be another date according to them: yes
Do I see a connection: YES

Date Three: Karis and Evan

Have you ever watched two people make small talk for just a bit too long? That is what it felt like watching this date. There was nothing wrong with the date... except Evan did say that Karis reminded him of his mother.

Note: Generally speaking, women don't love being compared to your mother on the first date. But again, who am I to give advice.

Will there be another date according to them: maybe
Do I see a connection: nope

Date Four: Jorge and Matt

There was a lot of personality on this date... like a lot. These two did more talking over each other than actually talking. 

Will there be another date according to them: no
Do I see a connection: NO

Date Five: Matt and Jonathan 

Matt is back with another date. (He must be Mr. Popular.) 

In my opinion, this date went much better than his date with Jorge. Matt and Jonathan are goofing around and seem to click well.

Note: Jonathan is a former NBA dancer with the Wizards so we are rooting for our #DCFamily

However, when Jonathan found out that Matt went on a date with someone else he didn't take it very well. I think he was half-joking around and half angry. 

Matt saw the not-so-fun part of being the bachelor! 

Will there be another date according to them: We are left on a cliffhanger. We don't know how Jonathan actually feels.
Do I see a connection: If they can work past this other date thing, yes!

If after reading this, you decide that you want to be on the next episode sign up here by April 12th. 

If after reading this, you decide that you want to watch and participle in the next episode, tune in on YouTube on April 26th. 

What happened in Netflix's Tiger King, Episode Three

What happened in Netflix's Tiger King, Episode Three

Netflix's seven-episode documentary, Tiger King, follows the life of a man who calls himself Joe Exotic. Not only does he own over 200 big cats on his private zoo in Oklahoma, but he is also accused of being involved in a murder-for-hire plot. The series has animal rights activists, a true-crime plot, and some wild characters (pun intended). Lucky for you, we are recapping each episode. 

Episode 3: The Secret 

The episode we have all been waiting for. Did Carole kill her husband and feed him to the tigers?

Note: I am not a detective. I did not study criminal justice in school. I have, however, watched a lot of Law and Order. 

"What a story! It is so wild it must not be true." 

The story begins in 1981. Carole Baskin was 21 and Jack 'Don' Lewis was 42, they both were married to other people at the time. 

Carole and her first-husband got into a fight and she decided to go for a walk. For some reason, Don was driving around and stopped Carole three different times asking her to get into the car because he needed someone to talk to. The third time, he gave her a gun and said that she could use it on him anytime she felt unsafe. 

Note: Don't get into the car with a stranger. Especially one that offers you a gun?

That was the first time they met and the affair continued for about three years. 

Don had two children from his first marriage and Carole had one daughter. Don's children appear in the documentary with their mother and do not appear to be big fans of Carole. 

When Don left his family in 1991, he told them that Carole was an angel. His ex-wife, Gladys Lewis Clark, said: "she is an angel sent straight from hell and one day you will find out."

Note: This is what we call foreshadowing. 

The newlyweds opened an animal sanctuary called Wildlife on East Street after buying bobcats and lynxes from exotic animal auctions.

Carole wanted to collect and love these cats as if they were pets. Don, however, wanted to breed the cats and sell them. 

Note: Don had money. Like, a lot of money. He was tightlipped about his exact fortune but it ranged somewhere between $7 million and $20 million. 

Don would fly to Costa Rica to sell these cats. While he was gone, Carole would spay and neuter as many as she could so the breeding would stop. This is when the fighting started. 

Note: It is rumored that Don had a girlfriend that he would visit in Costa Rica. So, these trips down there weren't all for business purposes. 

Annie McQueen, Don's executive assistant, knew everything about Don. He trusted her with everything. So, when he handed her an envelope with a restraining order in it claiming that Carole threatened to kill him twice, she knew something was wrong. 

He was denied a restraining order in June of 1997 claiming there was no real threat. 

On August 18, 1997, Don was leaving "early early early" for a trip to Costa Rica according to Carole. He needed Anne to send some things to Costa Rica before his trip. She tried getting ahold of him all weekend with no luck.

On August 19th, Don was officially reported missing to the police. 

This is where things start to get interesting. 

According to multiple sources, Don was planning on divorcing Carole the morning he left and moving everything to Costa Rica. 

If Don had gone through with the divorce, Carole would be left with nothing. No car, no house, and no cats. 

Police searched the entire property (all 40 acres) and did not find anything suspicious. 

What they did find was a van with keys and a briefcase inside parked at the airport.

Note: If you were trying to get away why would you leave your things at an airport? It was either planted there or it was a poorly executed escape plan.

At this point, everyone had a theory of what happened to Don. Did he try to fly himself to Costa Rica and his plane crashed? Did he run out of gas? Was he pushed out of the plane somewhere over the Gulf? 

Carole's theory was... interesting.

She said that her husband was in multiple plane crashes and never "was the same" after the last one. "He could remember things from childhood but not from five minutes ago." 

Note: No one believes her.

Joe Exotic believes that she fed her husband to the tigers. Or maybe, his body is hidden beneath the septic tank. Either way, she would be able to keep everything, including her beloved cats.

Note: Joe wrote an entire song about this. I highly suggest you watch the entire music video.

But, how was Carole able to keep everything? 

Anne was removed as the power of attorney and the new one gave Carole complete control. In his new will, the first sentence includes all the normal legal jargon. 

Except, this included the phrase "upon my disappearance." 

Yes, that is as sketchy as it sounds. 

Exactly five years and a day after his disappearance, Jack 'Don' Lewis was legally dead.

Carole took 90% of everything and gave his kids the rest so long as they don't bring up the disappearance again.

"There is a god. Her name is Karma and she has a sick sense of humor."

While there is no physical evidence that points to a particular person... I'll let you make your own decision.

It seems like Joe has made his. "She [Carole] has a lot of answering to do. Her day is coming."