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Ja Morant is equal parts Westbrook and Strickland, and should be considered for the No. 1 pick

Ja Morant is equal parts Westbrook and Strickland, and should be considered for the No. 1 pick

At this point, it's safe to assume that Zion Williamson will take the top slot in the NBA Draft on June 20. 

But you know what happens when you assume...

Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports spoke on the Wizards Talk Podcast that the deserving player could be Ja Morant.


According to a scout, via NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller, Morant plays with Russell Westbrook-like athleticism and the ball-handling skills of former Wizard, Rod Strickland.

"If that's the case", said Hayes, "then he has to be considered for the No. 1 pick." 

Westbrook has been regarded as a top athlete for his speed, power and overall skillset. 

On being compared to Rod Strickland, Haynes noted that "without Strickland, you would not have Kyrie Irving." Strickland had a certain control over the ball that made him a  great point guard. He ranks 12th on the NBA all-time assist leaders.  

The All-American sophomore led the NCAA in assists last season with 10.0 per game. This made him the first player to average double-digit assists since 1994-95. Is that more impressive at a mid-major school like Murray State? Kind of. 

Morant gained major interest when he led his team to the NCAA tournament. He joined an elite list of players who have triple-doubled in the tournament. 

If Morant is drafted anywhere in the top three, as expected, he will become the first sophomore to do so since 2013. Who holds the 2013 honor? None other than former Wizard, Otto Porter Jr. This will also make him the first player from a mid-major university since Derrick Rose in 2008. 

Haynes admits that "there are a few teams going back and forth between him and Zion."

Will Morant knock Williamson out of the top slot? Only time will tell. 

Be sure to check out the Wizards Talk Podcast for up-to-date information on the team.


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Agree to disagree: Debating the future of Nationals manager Davey Martinez

Agree to disagree: Debating the future of Nationals manager Davey Martinez

It is no secret that the Nationals (14-20) are off to a rough start this season. As of Monday, the team is six games below .500 for the first time in five years. When a team is doing poorly, fans look for someone to blame. 

Could it be the number of injured players? The issues in the bullpen? Or, can it all be boiled down to Davey Martinez's job as manager?

The Racing Presidents Podcast had a heated discussion about the future of Martinez.

"I'm not blaming Martinez, I'm saying though sometimes you have to try whatever you can do," said the Racing Presidents', Tim Shovers. Co-host, Todd Dybas rebuttled "what is the purpose of doing that this year? Before the year is over."

The crew debates if it is worthwhile to fire him during the middle of the season and bring a new voice into the clubhouse. 

The other side of that argument comes down to the unknown. We do not know how Martinez functions as a manager when he has a healthy team behind him. The Nationals IL list is gaining new members faster than people are leaving.

Dybas argues that getting rid of Martinez is not the answer. He challenges his co-host to think of a time when making a significant coaching change in the middle of the season made a team better.

No one knows for sure what will be done to help the struggling team. However, we can agree that something needs done to turn this season around. 



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Bryce Harper is in a serious slump and that is making Nats fans very happy

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Bryce Harper is in a serious slump and that is making Nats fans very happy

After dropping the first game of the series to the Brewers 5-3 Monday night, the Nationals (14-20) are six games under .500. This is the first time their record has been that low since the 2014 season. 

To rub salt into the wound, the team's record never dropped under .500 while Dusty Baker was the manager. 

In what seems like an endless list of injuries and issues plaguing the team, what can Nats fans look to as the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel? 

Bryce Harper.

The Phillies right fielder is in a batting slump. In his last seven games, Harper's batting average is just .115, with just three hits in his last 26 at-bats.

Harper started his inaugural season in Philidelphia with a hot streak, but that seems to be long gone. His overall batting average (.226) is just that... average.

However, the Phillies did not pay 330 million for an average performance from Harper. 

Phillies fans have made sure to voice their disappointment by booing Harper in his home stadium. Harper said that he does not blame fans for booing his lack-luster performance.

In fact, he told Philadelphia reporters that he "would do the same thing." Harper said that it is not fun to watch when a player is not meeting expectations. 

That is something Nats fans have taken solace in. 

The Nationals may have their fair share of issues... but look on the bright side, at least they are not Bryce Harper.