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This year's National League All-Star team is serving seriously good dog content. But who are the best boys?


This year's National League All-Star team is serving seriously good dog content. But who are the best boys?

The dog days of summer are here, and with them come the MLB All-Star game. Washington will host a multitude of events this week, culminating in the All-Star game on Tuesday night.

As we approach the main event, we've seen countless takes on who did or didn't deserve to make the All-Star roster, who was snubbed, who might be a standout. But we haven't seen anything on the furry friends that support their humans day in and day out in such a strenuous, long-seasoned sport. And honestly? They deserve a shout-out too.

Below, a ranking of the best dogs among the National League's All-Stars. Keep in mind that although all dogs are good dogs, for the purposes of this, we had to narrow them down by their stories, how photogenic they are, and other social-media friendly criteria. Players with dogs unbeknownst to us were not counted. 

Disqualified: Freddie Freeman (1B, Braves)

Freeman's cat Nala seems like a very charming and capable copilot, but she is, well, a cat. We have to turn her down from participating in this competition. Sorry, buddy.

Honorable mention: Willson Contreras (C, Cubs)

Though Contreras has no dogs of his own, he does love interacting with them. These photos from a 2016 Iowa Cubs AAA game are more than enough to earn him a nod.

Honorable mention: Joey Votto (1B, Reds)

Votto doesn't have social media and has never brought his dog to work. However, in a 2015 interview, he did wax poetic about how much he loves the support and companionship that dog ownership provides. The one-minute clip feels like a big hug.

10. Bryce Harper (RF, Nationals)

Look, we love Harper. We really do. But naming a dog after an opposing team's stadum seems traitorous. Considering Bryce's track record of supporting out-of town teams, it isn't a great sign. His dog Wrigley comes in dead last.

9. J.T. Realmuto (C, Marlins)

Realmuto also named his dog after an opposing team or stadium. I know the name Dodger is fairly generic, but if you're planning to play in the majors, you should probably think this through.

8. Brandon Crawford (SS, Giants)

Crawford has two adorable Shih-tzu mixes. But, to their credit, it's hard to outshine several even more adorable children. They kind of get lost in the photo.

7. Sean Doolittle (LHP, Nationals)

Doolittle and his wife Eireann Dolan have what they described in a WTOP interview as two "gassy" lab mixes named Stella and Sophia. Regardless of how much they may stink, they're so darn lovable and they match so well. How could you resist?

6. Scooter Gennett (2B, Reds)

For Spring Training this year, Gennett worried about his dog Leo not faring so well on a plane, so he opted for a 32 hour RV road trip. For a fluffy goldendoodle face like this, we would probably do anything, too.

5. Javier Baez (2B, Cubs)

In an interview last year, Puerto Rico native Javy Baez touched on what it's like to be a dad to five (five!) very sweet pitbulls. We're sure that Kimbo, Luna, Sniper, Pablo and Olga are all angels, but we could only find photos of Kimbo, which knocks Baez way down in the rankings. If there was more content for us to rate, Javy and his five babies would be at the top of the list.

#Kimbo , Im still looking. 😂

A post shared by Javier Báez ⚾ (@javy23baez) on

4. Mike Foltynewicz (RHP, Braves)

The Foltynewicz family actually has three “fur babies” – Griffey, a cavalier-bichon mix, Rookie, a Great Dane, and a third dog whose name we couldn’t uncover, but he looks like a toy breed. It’s the perfect small, medium, and extra large situation.

Fur baby number 3 🤗 #griffey #cavachon

A post shared by Mike Foltynewicz (@folty25) on

3. Buster Posey (C, Giants)

The Poseys happen to have one of the most beautiful spaniels of all time. Their dog is named Chapin, after a beach in Cape Cod, where Posey played a short stint in the community's summer league. Every photo of this dog looks more like a professional portrait than a zany candid. To make things even better, commenters on Chapin's photos frequently share stories of how they named their Springer spaniels after Posey. If that doesn't show a die-hard love for both baseball and dogs, I don't know what does.

Family mascot #chapin

A post shared by Buster Posey (@busterposey) on

2. Patrick Corbin (LHP, Diamondbacks)

In Februrary, Corbin adopted a German shepherd puppy named Ace. Every three or four weeks since, he's posted a growing-up pupdate to show off how quickly Ace is getting bigger. It melts anyone's heart to see a puppy growing into a big dog, but it's even better when the progress is measured in how hard it is to hold the dog like a baby. Check out the five-post series of our favorite solo NL dog below.


A post shared by Patrick Corbin (@patrickcorbin46) on

Ace is getting big! #nationalpuppyday

A post shared by Patrick Corbin (@patrickcorbin46) on

One month later...

A post shared by Patrick Corbin (@patrickcorbin46) on

Family photo day 🐕

A post shared by Patrick Corbin (@patrickcorbin46) on

1. Max Scherzer (RHP, Nationals)

The Scherzer family counts four rescue dogs, Bo, Rafi, Rocco, and Max! All except Rafi have one blue eye and one brown eye, the same as Scherzer himself! It isn’t quite in line with genetics principles, but everything worked out regardless. Four dogs and an adorable baby seems like a busy household to us! 

In addition to all this mix-and-match cuteness, Scherzer and his wife Erica team up with the Humane Rescue Alliance in DC every year to raise money and spread awareness of available rescue dogs. Their dedication to dogs who just need a loving home – and willingness to be that home – makes the Scherzers our winning candidates.


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2018 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby rosters released


2018 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby rosters released

The 2018 MLB All-Star Game is in Nationals Park Tuesday night. But before that, on Monday night, Washington will host some of the league's best sluggers to try and outpace each other in the annual Home Run Derby.

After Bryce Harper set his parameters for participating, Nats fans were curious – and a little defensive – about who else would be named to the roster. Given that we know the Legends and Celebrities softball game roster, the Futures roster, and the two rosters for the All-Star Game itself, this is the last piece fans have been waiting on.

Without further ado, here are the National League and American League participants in the Home Run Derby.

2018 MLB Home Run Derby Participants

Seed 1 Jesus Aguilar (Milwaukee Brewers) vs. Seed 8 Rhys Hoskins (Philadelphia Phillies)

Seed 2 Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals) vs. Seed 7 Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves)

Seed 3 Max Muncy (Los Angeles Dodgers) vs. Seed 6 Javier Baez (Chicago Cubs)

Seed 4 Alex Bregman (Houston Astros) vs. Seed 5 Kyle Schwarber (Chicago Cubs)

It's worth noting that there is only one hitter from the American League in the eight-player field. Harper is the only player to have previously participated in the Derby, and, if he wins, would be the first player to win in his home stadium since Todd Frazier in 2015.


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Trea Turner finishes fourth in All Star last chance voting, will not play in Tuesday's ASG

USA Today Sports Images

Trea Turner finishes fourth in All Star last chance voting, will not play in Tuesday's ASG

At 8 p.m. EDT, the MLB announced the winner of its Final Vote competition, the last chance for an unsung hero or fan favorite player to be voted into the 2018 MLB All-Star Game. The winner of the National League vote, unfortunately, was not the Nationals' Trea Turner. It was Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Jesús Aguilar. 

In today's tally update, provided by MLB PR, Turner was in fourth of the five NL candidates. The Nationals are now 0-for-8 in sending Final Vote candidates to the ASG. 

Not to be discouraged – the Nats will be well-represented at this year's All-Star game by Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, and Sean Doolittle. Three players from the host city's team is nothing to sneeze at!

The Nats also posted plenty of smile-worthy gifs as part of the #VoteTrea campaign, so if you're upset you may want to scroll back through the hashtag or rewatch some highlights from Turner's recent awesome stretch.

The 2018 MLB All-Star Game is Tuesday evening at Nationals Park.