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What a Final Four berth means for Tony Bennett's legacy

What a Final Four berth means for Tony Bennett's legacy

The singer Tony Bennett once famously and elegantly sang those classic lyrics that we all know and love: The Best Is Yet To Come.
The coach Tony Bennett hopes that’s the case for him as well.

UVA has finally broken through to the Final Four, the first time for the program since 1984 and Bennett’s first career appearance.

While this appearance doesn’t erase the embarrassment of last year’s historic loss to 16 seed UMBC, it does go a long way to cement Bennett’s name in the game. I recently had a reporter who covers the team in Charlottesville tell me that this Final Four appearance stretches even further there.

It makes sense when you think about it, the guy has done everything under the son in coaching except get to a Final Four. A quick list: He’s been Coach Of The Year and won multiple ACC titles in a conference largely considered the best in America. He’s gone head to head with Coach K at Duke and he’s stood toe to toe with Roy Williams at UNC.

Now, there is only one thing left for him to do now and that’s have his one shining moment cutting down the nets at the Final Four.

And back in the DMV, we’ll all be watching.




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So what if the Nats lost the season opener? Let's celebrate baseball season

So what if the Nats lost the season opener? Let's celebrate baseball season

Baseball is finally back! For our new feature, Fresh Takes, Travis Thomas explains why this is such a beautiful week for sports fans.

MLB Opening Day is always a rite of passage for us sports fans.

It’s the one day where even the most purist of seam heads understand that analytics and sabermetrics don’t matter. Opening Day crowds always represent the mixing bowl of the casual fans, the FOMO event seekers and the baseball diehards.

In my humble opinion there is no place on Baseball planet earth that better represents that than Washington DC. I walked around the concourse at Nats Park, I sat with you the fan, I shook hands and kissed babies all under the umbrella of love for the Nationals.

Some asked me what I thought of Bryce leaving? Most wanted to know if I thought this was “the year”? The weather was amazing, and although the beers were following, the chill vibe of the atmosphere within the stadium kept it from becoming a sloppy drunk fest.

Opening Day not only represents new hope for the local baseball team, but it embodies what makes the District so unique and a great sports town overall.

Now let’s win the World Series and get yet another Championship Parade in this city like we deserve!


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Fresh Take: Got Milk? Someone get Colt McCoy an endorsement deal

Fresh Take: Got Milk? Someone get Colt McCoy an endorsement deal

Colt McCoy really likes milk.

Most of us do as well, but Colt McCoy REALLY likes milk.

Jay Gruden said that Colt drinks a gallon of milk a day straight from the cows…umm…. how do I say this? Straight from the cows’ source, yeah that’s it. 

Welcome, Colt, to the world of athletes that have a weird quirk.

Though it may be the obvious and easy way to react to this, I’ve heard enough of the “milk didn’t help Colt when he got hurt” jokes.

I think this strange revelation adds to the legend of Colt McCoy. Think about this for a second, this man has played eight seasons in the NFL, he’s only played in 38 career games starting 27 of them. His statistics are pedestrian at best, he’s thrown for nearly 6,000 yards, 29 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. He has a career 7-20 win/loss record.

Now when you look at these numbers, you think what’s your point Travis? How does milk fit into all this in Colt's favor? It's not like it kept him healthy enough to do anything other than be a serviceable backup quarterback for the Redskins (I know, I promised we were staying away from injury jokes but that's just a fact.)

Here's the real reason why Colt McCoy is winning, milk habit or not:  He’s amassed 13 million dollars and counting!  He can afford all the gallons of milk that he wants and then some. And this fun fact about milk could earn him some great sponsorship dollars to add on top of that (or at least it should -  milk advertising executives, are you reading this?) 

Got Milk? Colt sure does! Pour me a glass buddy!