A few predictions for Sunday


The Ravens and Steelers meet for the second time in just three weeks on Sunday. These two teams are so familiar with each other that there's little they can hide-- plus they've each played so many times. 

Still, each game is a little different due to the various issues that come with it. Both teams are really hurt by injuries, but Pittsburgh's suffering more coming into this contest it really needs to win. Here's a few informal predictions of what we might see from that game:

1. Charlie Batch might wish he was watching from his safe spot on the sidelines-- The Ravens will make life not very fun for the third-string quarterback at times in this game. Batch really had problems in last weekend's 20-14 loss in Cleveland where the Steelers had nine turnovers. If guys like Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger get going, he'll have a long afternoon. 

2. The Ravens' offense will do better this time around-- In the win at Pittsburgh two weeks ago, the Ravens couldn't accomplish much on offense, scoring just six points. Still, for whatever reason, they play better at home, and guys like Joe Flacco and Ray Rice should play a role in giving the offense more punch this time around. If that doesn't happen, it opens the door for the Steelers to stay close.  

3. The Ravens won't overlook the Steelers-- Just because there's no Big Ben and the Steelers have been really hurt by injury problems, the Ravens know this game won't be a piece of cake. Pittsburgh still has plenty of good players and injuries are a big reason for their recent troubles. The Steelers have a good team, and they'll be playing with intensity as this loss would end their chances of winning the AFC North this season. It's truly a do-or-die game for them.