Ravens fans were subjected to watching their team get blown out again Sunday, but they at least saw something they’ve never seen from their team before: gold pants.

The unusual team attire turned a lot of heads, especially on social media, with some praising the new look while others were puzzled by the decision.

On Monday, coach John Harbaugh explained the decision, saying that the team was just trying to shake things up and honor their past.

“The idea was to commemorate the fact it’s 20 years with the Ravens organization with the gold,” he said on CSN's "SportsTalk Live." “If someone’s got better ideas for pants colors for us, I’m all for it.”

Harbaugh joked that the Ravens will hold a contest for a third pants color to satisfy those unhappy with the gold pants.

Harbaugh broke into laughter when he was informed that social media expressed their distaste to the uniform combo on social media before the game even began.

One thing is for sure, the gold pants didn’t help the team on the field, as the Chiefs blew them out 34-14.

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