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Upon further review...


Upon further review...

It's time againto slip under the replay hood and review our 10 predictions for the Patriotsgame. But please don't mistake us for replacement officials...
1. Ray Rice willnot rush for 100 yards ....INCORRECT. Ricejust did reach the 100-yard threshold, carrying 20 times for 101 yards. It washis third 100-yard rushing game in five career games against the Patriots.Since the beginning of the 2010 season, the Ravens are 22-3 when Rice has atleast 20 touches. 2. .. and neitherwill Stevan Ridley. CORRECT. ThePatriots used a lot of no-huddle offense, which utilized Danny Woodhead as theback rather than Ridley. When Ridley played, though, the Ravens kept him incheck. He finished with 13 carries for 37 yards (2.8 avg.)3. The Patriots'Vince Wilfork will have at least two tackles for loss.INCORRECT.Wilfork was not nearly the force he was in the AFC title game last year, whenhe had three tackles for loss and a sack against the Ravens. Guard MarshalYanda locked horns with Wilfork much of the night, and double-teams also helpedneutralize the All-Pro defensive tackle. It was a big reason Rice was able torush for 100 yards.4. Anquan Boldinwill have at least four catches.CORRECT. TorreySmith deservedly earned the headlines, but Boldin did get involved in a passingattack that totaled 382 yards. Boldin finished with four catches for 48 yards,perhaps the biggest being a third-and-13 play in the second quarter in which helunged with the ball to reach the first-down marker. Originally ruled short ofthe first down, the spot was overturned on replay, giving the Ravens a firstdown. They scored their first touchdown three plays later.
5. If the Ravensface third-and-1, they will pass.INCORRECT.Actually, the Ravens faced fourth-and-1, and after being criticized all weekfor throwing on third- and fourth-and-2 in Philadelphia, offensive coordinatorCam Cameron called a run on fourth-and-1 from the Patriots' 33-yard line. Itfailed miserably. Mountainous left tackle Bryant McKinnie lined up at fullbackbefore shifting to the line, and the handoff went to backup running backBernard Pierce, not Ray Rice, running left. Blocking broke down, and Pierce wasdropped for a 1-yard loss. 6. Tom Brady willbe intercepted.INCORRECT. TheRavens didn't get enough of a pass rush to force Brady's hand very often, andhe had time to find receivers much of the night. He finished 28-for-41 for 335yards and one touchdown. Lardarius Webb appeared to intercept Brady late in thegame, but Webb was called for illegal contact. Webb was furious, but he didgrab a healthy chunk of jersey and probably should have been flagged forholding rather than illegal contact.7. Wes Welkerwill have at least five catches.CORRECT. Thedemise of Wes Welker appears to have been exaggerated, as he was targeted 10times and finished with eight catches for a game-high 142 yards. The Ravenssecondary, which looked suspect all night, lost him up the left sideline on a59-yard play.
8. The Ravenswill win the turnover battle.INCORRECT. Thelone turnover of the game occurred early, when Flacco's pass over the middleled Dennis Pitta too much and was an easy pick for safety Steve Gregory. His36-yard return set up the game's first touchdown.9. Justin Tuckerwill remain perfect.CORRECT, BARELY.Oh my. Tucker indeed made every extra-point and his only field-goal try, a27-yarder on the last play of the game. But it sliced just inside the rightupright -- or more accurately, over it -- and the Patriots argued that it waswide right. Tucker has been flawless so far, but this kick might not have beengood from 28 yards.
10. Final score:Ravens 27, Patriots 23PRETTY MUCHCORRECT. The game again exposed weaknesses on both teams, but as we predicted,"home-field advantage holds and the Ravens escape with a win." AndTorrey Smith received a very emotional and well deserved game ball.

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Peter King awards Lamar Jackson with weekly honor for NFL start vs. Bengals

AP Images

Peter King awards Lamar Jackson with weekly honor for NFL start vs. Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens couldn't have drawn up a better NFL start for rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

With the weight of keeping his team in playoff contention against a division rival that crushed those hopes less than a year ago firmly on his shoulders, Jackson stepped onto the field at M&T Bank Stadium and not only got the win, but set records along the way.

The 21-year-old's performance caught the attention of local and national pundits, earning him one of two Offensive Players of the Week honors in Peter Kings' Football Morning in America.

In the 24-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the first-round draft pick was 13-of-19 for 150 yards in the air while rushing for 117 yards on 27 attempts.

Those 117 rushing yards were the second-most by a rookie quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger with 46 of them on the Ravens' opening drive alone. Coincidentally, Robert Griffin III holds the record for most rushing yards by a rookie QB with 138 back in October of 2012 with the Redskins.

His speed was an issue all afternoon for the Bengals as well. Jackson is so fast that according to NFL Next Gen Stats, Jackson reached 15+ mph on 14 rushing attempts. No other player has hit 15+ mph on more than nine rushing attempts this season. 

"The way he bounced back and his composure," safety Eric Weddle told reporters after the game on what impressed him about Jackson's performance.

"He threw that pick [to start the second half], and what did he do next drive? He went down and scored. And it was like nothing happened and you can't teach that. It's something that you see in him, he's very even-keeled, cool calm and collected...that's what impressed me. His physical ability and the way he plays; we see it everyday so I expect him to play like that. But just to overcome some adversity early on in his first start and to come back and lead a huge drive and make some big plays...I just think his composure."

Now the Heisman Trophy winner will have to maintain that same composure when the Oakland Raiders come to town in what will likely be his second NFL start.


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With season on the line, rookies Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards carried Ravens to another week

AP Images

With season on the line, rookies Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards carried Ravens to another week

This was one of the most interesting weeks the Baltimore Ravens have experienced in a very long time.

Coming off three-straight losses and preparing to face division rivals with their season on the line, their starting quarterback was likely out with an injury, their backup spent an afternoon in the hospital with a stomach illness and job security was the buzz around town. 

But when the clock read one at M&T Bank Stadium and it was do-or-die, two rookies took their team and carried them to a win, literally and figuratively. 

In his NFL start, first-round draft pick Lamar Jackson was 13-of-19 for 150 yards in the air while rushing for 117 yards on 27 attempts.

All afternoon long we were in awe of his speed, and probably at times nervous, by just how confident the rookie was in taking the game into his own hands.

"I thought he played spectacular," head coach John Harbaugh said after the win. "I thought he played winning football. It's tough being a quarterback in this league."

"For a first-time-out rookie in an environment like that...All those operation things, I think, speak to his intelligence, his studiousness, and just his ability to run the show. And that's everything. The playmaking — that comes from God. He made use of that, too. Very proud of that."

Jackson hasn't been one to put his feelings into many words, and in the week leading up to his NFL start, the Heisman Trophy winner continuously remained humble.

When asked how it felt to lead the Ravens to a 24-21 win over the Bengals, Jackson said, "I don't know. Come out with a win. It was pretty good, I guess."

On the Ravens' opening drive, Jackson rushed five times for 46 yards while converting two third downs that ended with a seven-yard touchdown run from Alex Collins. The QB is so fast that according to NFL Next Gen Stats, Jackson reached 15+ mph on 14 rushing attempts. No other player has hit 15+ mph on more than nine rushing attempts this season. 

Plus, his 27 carries were the most by a quarterback in an NFL game since Pittsburgh Steelers' Joe Geri's in 1950. 

"I think he brings a different dynamic to the game. As you can tell, our offense looks totally different, obviously from when Joe [Flacco] is in. It's hard for defenses to game plan for Lamar. And I think that shows with Gus [Edwards] having 100 yards as well. It's good to see, and it's a great win."

That brings us to our next rookie speedster; Gus Edwards.

The undrafted free agent out of Rutgers put up 115 rushing yards on 17 attempts averaging 6.8 yards-per-carry and one touchdown.

"I've got a great coaching staff," Edwards said on getting his big chance and playing well. "I've got a great group of veteran running backs [that] told me to always be prepared, from day one when I came in here, they told me what it was going to be like. This game, a lot of things played into it, and you;you've always got to be ready."

The last time the Ravens had two 100+ rushers in a single game was December 23, 2012 against the New York Giants when Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce ran for 107 and 123 yards respectively. Sunday also marked the first time in NFL history that a team had a rookie quarterback and running back each surpass 100 rushing yards in a game, per Elias Sports Bureau.

For a team that had many daunting questions surrounding them just a week ago, two young bloods came out and managed to change the aura in the city of Baltimore, at least for now. 

"It's just a confidence builder to be honest," Willie Snead said on having a quarterback like Jackson. "When we were running the ball how we were, it just gives us so much momentum and a lot of flexibility to do what we want. It was awesome to see that today, and [we] look forward to keep doing it."