BALTIMORE – Chris Tillman hopes to start again on Sept. 11. But, first Tillman has to throw in the bullpen to make sure that his right shoulder feels fine. He’s been on the disabled list since Aug. 21. 

Tillman has thrown off flat ground three times, the most recent on Friday. 

“Yeah, it felt pretty good. I think tomorrow’s going to be a big day for me. We’ll see how it goes,
Tillman likes having a goal, but doesn’t want to get too far ahead of himself. 

“Yeah, it feels good, but I go day-to-day. I’m not looking too far ahead. I want to feel good today and feel good tomorrow and we go from there. I think the way it’s been going has been pretty positive,” Tillman said. 


He feels the shoulder issue, which pushed one start back three days, and then sent him to the disabled list, is behind him.

“I think so. I hope it’s in the rearview mirror. I feel like it is as of right now, but I hate to put that 100 percent term on it because you never know. We’ll see what tomorrow brings,” Tillman said. 

Without Tillman, the rotation has done fairly well.

“They’ve been throwing the ball well. It’s been fun, but you always like to do your job. I’m here to pitch, not sit around and do nothing. I get bored really quickly and it drives me nuts,” Tillman said. 


Tillman is 15-5 with a 3.76 ERA and could get as many as five starts if he comes back in eight days. It doesn’t help that it happened late in the season.

“I think it would be frustrating if he happened anytime in the year. Bad timing, yeah, but I like to take the ball every fifth day. That’s what I pride myself on and it‘s not fun in general,” Tillman said.