BALTIMORE—Adam Jones was angry. He watched Manny Machado get hit by a 99 mph fastball by Kansas City’s Yordano Ventura, and then a quick, but ugly brawl ensued

“I had a great view. I just think that things like that shouldn’t happen in baseball, man. You throw 100 miles per hour, or close to 100 miles per hour, you’re trying to hurt somebody intentionally—not part of the game,” Jones said.

“You see the reaction by his players. They weren’t too happy that he did something so stupid. But I’m glad for Manny for defending himself. Screw it. Defend yourself. If somebody’s trying to hurt you maliciously, you go out there and you defend yourself.”

Suspensions are coming for Ventura and Machado. Ventura was suspended for seven games in Apr. 2015 for his part in a beanball incident between the Royals and Chicago White Sox.


“I hope the league goes and sees and reviews exactly what happened, because you can’t go out there when you’ve got a weapon or something at 100 miles per hour. You don’t have to hit, and you’re trying to hurt somebody. That’s not part of the game. If you have to hit? All right, cool. The tables can be turned and he can get his fair share at the hitting. But that’s just not part of baseball, man, and if he wants to make that part of the game, hey, let Major League Baseball handle it. Tonight, Manny handled it himself.”


Jones wasn’t surprised by what happened.

“I knew it was going to happen. You can foresee things like that. Like I said, the guy, he’s got electric stuff. The talent is all there, but between the ears, there’s a circuit board that’s off balance. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. He wants to be Pedro Martinez? Cool. Be Pedro Martinez. Have a damn sub-two like Pedro Martinez. Don’t go out there trying to hurt somebody. That’s what Pedro didn’t do. So, hopefully the league catches onto it. I got Manny’s fine, and the rest is history.”

The club’s longest-tenured player is standing behind Machado.

“No, Manny ain’t at fault for nothing. You get hit by 95, 98, and see what you do,” Jones said.