NEW YORK—Darren O’Day threw 25 pitches in his simulated game on Tuesday, and if there are no ill effects, he’ll go to Bowie on Friday to pitch against Erie. 

Manager Buck Showalter said that O’Day, who threw two innings, could be activated on Sunday or Monday. 

O’Day has been on the 15-day disabled list since June 3 with a strained right hamstring. 

“That was encouraging,” Showalter said of the simulated game. 

“Take tomorrow off and then do a lot of conditioning. Thought he got a little winded at the end. Not winded, but kind of, a little spent toward the end. We did a 15-pitch and he stopped for a little while and then did another 10 pitches.” 

Showalter isn’t concerned that O’Day would need more than one outing. 

“If it was a guy who was going to be asked to pitch four or five, three innings even, yeah, but Darren’s a guy who knows … I’ll tell you, he’s been real crisp in his side sessions. It may bode well for him the rest of the way because you can tell his arm’s pretty fresh,” Showalter said. 

“He’ll be about as good as any trade you could make getting him back. I think the sim game we count. He’s had a lot of side sessions. If it was somebody else, you’d probably think about it. It’s not as if he’s going to walk in and you’re going to stick him in the eighth or ninth inning right out of the chute. He’ll have to work his way back into the role that we’re accustomed to him having.”
Without O’Day, the Orioles have had to adjust the bullpen and put more pressure on it. His return would give the team a boost.


“I think in a lot of ways. I think mentally and emotionally for our club as much as anything. We’re missing some of our parts, our pieces, and he’s a big one,” Showalter said.