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Showalter sets optimistic timetable for Darren O'Day's return from injury


Showalter sets optimistic timetable for Darren O'Day's return from injury

SAN FRANCISCO—Buck Showalter is optimistic that Darren O’Day will return two weeks from now. O’Day went on the disabled list retroactive to Friday with a strain in his right shoulder rotator cuff. He's eligible to return on Aug. 27. 

“I have a lot of confidence that we’ll get it resolved in that period. He was as sore today. Said he felt better after the [cortisone] shot. Darren was pretty adamant about not going on the DL when we left Oakland, when he flew back, but today he had a little different feel for it,” Showalter said. 

He knew that O’Day was feeling differently because he didn’t fight the decision after consulting with team orthopedist Dr. Michael Jacobs in Baltimore. 

Showalter will change some roles with O’Day out. Mychal Givens will move up. and as Zach Britton said, younger pitchers will more opportunities. 

“That’s what we did when Darren was out before. We’ve already kind of done that and we’ll continue to do it. That’s who we are, and how we have to do it,” Showalter said. 

“We’re always looking from within. Mychal’s pitched well in a time of need. Our starters have gotten longer into the games, which has kept us from having to pitch some innings that we’ve pitched a lot this year.”

Givens is better qualified to pitch in more important spots. 

“I think so. It’s been going on for a year and a half. Mychal is a rookie, right?” Showalter said. “But how do you get that experience? There’s only one way to get it and that’s to start doing it. People will ask, ‘How did you know Steve Pearce could play second base or third base?’ Well, I didn’t know but we’re going to run him out there and see what happens. He’s got the skillset to be able to do it. Some guys have to grow up quick.”


Vance Worley may get in some higher leverage situations. 

“As opposed to who? It’s all hands on deck and our guys respond pretty well to that, what the team’s needs are. Like Zach was saying, there’s an opportunity around every corner. You’ve just got to be ready to take advantage of it. Some of it’s by necessity.”

NOTE: Steve Pearce, sidelined with a left forearm strain, isn’t in the lineup on Saturday for the sixth straight game. 

“He may play today. In order to play him and Chris [Davis], you’d have to play one of them in the outfield and I didn’t want to put Chris in left field today. Steve’s a good first baseman but you’re also taking what I think is a Gold Glove first baseman and sticking him out in left field in a place he hasn’t played much,” Showalter said. 

“The other big part of it is that we [are facing] two left-handed starters against Boston [Tuesday and Wednesday] and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize Steve being available for those games. He will give us a nice weapon off the bench.”

Showalter isn’t saying if Pearce who played only the infield with Tampa Bay, will be restricted to first base and DH duties. 

“No, I’m not going to commit to that. I feel like I could play him some places tonight if I had to if we had to switch and do some things. I’ll try to stay away from that, but we could. I talked to him today about managing it until we get to Tuesday. If we can manage it until Tuesday, we could have him back close to full strength I hope,” Showalter said. 

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Orioles announce series with Marlins will begin on Tuesday

Orioles announce series with Marlins will begin on Tuesday

After the Orioles-Marlins series last week was postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak within the Marlins organization, the teams announced they will face off in a four-game series this week.

In a press release on Monday, the Orioles said they will play a four-game series against Miami starting Tuesday at Camden Yards due to the concerns of Hurricane Isaias in Florida. The Orioles will serve as the home team for the first two games, and the Marlins will play their “home opener” in the final two. 

The series also features a seven-inning doubleheader on Wednesday. The first game will begin at 5:05 p.m. that evening, and the second will start 30 minutes after the end of the first. The teams will play single games on Tuesday and Thursday.

Baltimore was originally set to take on Miami from July 27-30. However, the Marlins faced a coronavirus outbreak within the team after players failed to follow safety protocols. 20 coaches and players within the franchise tested positive since Opening Day.

Miami started its season with a three-game series against Philadelphia, winning two of the matchups. However, the series led to positive coronavirus tests within the Phillies organization as well and caused a domino effect of cancelations around the league. 

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde spoke on the matter last week, saying the team has taken a day-to-day approach to the situation.

“I think there is a little bit of concern, but we want to play,” he said. “Our guys want to play. We feel comfortable about how things are here right now. We’re going to continue to follow closely all the guidelines in place because our guys really want to be on the field. This was something that was possible, and it’s extremely unfortunate. I think we’re taking it very, very seriously.”

The O’s have started their season with a 5-3 record after facing the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays. Now the team will look to continue their strong start at home on Tuesday at 7:35 p.m.

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Mariners place Jeffrey Maier cutout in stands at game vs. A's

Mariners place Jeffrey Maier cutout in stands at game vs. A's

With Major League Baseball games being absent of fans for the 2020 season, teams have gotten rather creative when it comes to "filling" the stadiums for gameday.

Many used fake crowd noise as a way to bring the common atmosphere to the ballpark, and some have gone as far as putting cutouts of fans in the seats. The Seattle Mariners are one of them, but one particular face in the crowd may bring back some bad memories for Orioles fans.

During Sunday's game against the Oakland Athletics, a cutout of Jeffrey Maier, an infamous enemy of all Baltimore supporters was spotted near the fence. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, Maier made his mark During Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS between Baltimore and the New York Yankees when he was a 12-year old fan in the stands of Yankee Stadium. The Orioles held a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the eighth inning when a young Derek Jeter sent a ball his way, and Maier reached out and grabbed the "home run."

Only, many believe it wouldn't have been a home run if it wasn't for Maier, as fans will still pull up evidence that Orioles right fielder Tony Tarasco was in a position to potentially catch the ball because it was not going over the wall. Right or wrong, the call went in the Yankees favor and Maier went in the Orioles Hall-of-Shame.


So, while the cutout of Maier in Seattle may be a funny and clever move to many, it probably isn't being viewed like that in Baltimore. As the picture showed, Steve Bartman was also included in the hijinks, so at least Orioles and Cubs fans can share in the misery. Though, Chicago's may sting less as they've lifted their curse since then.

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