In wake of Matt Ryan's incredible run to the Super Bowl this season, its time to take a look at 'what if' for the Baltimore Ravens. 

Back in 2008 the Ravens organization was willing to trade ALL of their draft picks to trade up to the No. 2 overall pick (was at No. 8) in order to get Ryan. As many know, the trade of the pick from the St. Louis Rams nearly was pulled off but the Rams wanted a little bit more from Baltimore. 

Imagine how different the league would be if the Ravens were able to acquire the Boston College quarterback.

Would the Ravens have made (and won) Super Bowl XLVII?

Could the Ravens had won more titles?

Where would Joe Flacco be in the NFL? Atlanta? Somewhere else?

Who would be in this years Super Bowl?

Oh and that does not even begin to touch on what would have happened it the Rams acquired seven more draft picks. 

Nevertheless, Baltimore ended up drafting a class of 10, including Flacco and Ray Rice, who helped carried the team to the 2013 Super Bowl. 

Parts of this article were inspired by Ian Rapoport's story on

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