BALTIMORE – After making a huge play, Ravens linebacker C. J. Mosley made a huge mistake against the Redskins that ended with Mosley suffering a thigh injury.

Mosley picked off quarterback Kirk Cousins for a leaping interception deep in Redskins territory, and started running toward the end zone for a possible pick-six. 

But as Mosley tried to reach the ball to the pylon for a touchdown, he lost control and fumbled the ball through the end zone while being tackled.


Instead of getting a go-ahead touchdown, or taking over first-and-goal, the Ravens lost possession on a touchback.

Mosley also suffered a hamstring injury on the play and left the game. Who could blame Mosley for walking dejectedly to the sideline after the play ended, an opportunity lost, and an injury adding to his misery?  

The Redskins took over, first-and-10 at the 20, and maintained their 13-10 lead. Cousins then led the Redskins on a drive that resulted in a Dustin Hopkins 37-yard field goal that extended the Redskins’ lead to 16-10.

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