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Ravens' Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh address Ray Lewis' criticism

Ravens' Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh address Ray Lewis' criticism

OWINGS MILLS – Joe Flacco on Friday expressed disappointment that Ray Lewis would question Flacco’s passion for the game, but he dismissed the criticism and said he’s dealt with questions about his personality throughout his career.

“It’s a little surprising coming from Ray,” Flacco said after Friday’s light workout, adding that he has dealt with questions about his calm, stoic demeanor since “back before high school.”

“When things are going good, it’s questioned as if it’s a good thing,” Flacco added, “and when things aren’t going as well as you might like them to be, it’s always a question as to whether my personality is that of one that fits what an NFL quarterback should be.”

“It’s not anything I’m not used to,” Flacco said, “but it is a little different coming from Ray.”

On Thursday, Lewis was asked by Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock about Flacco and his inconsistent season.

“Gifted? Absolutely. Passionate about what he do? I've never seen that," Lewis told Fox Sports. "I don't know what that looks like."

“Maybe it’s because his personality just isn’t that personality,” Lewis added. “He’s not a rah-rah guy. He won’t say much. But, in the game of football, there has to be some burning fire behind you.”

Flacco and Lewis played together for five seasons, and Flacco's postseason run in 2012 is the biggest reason that the Ravens and Lewis won the Super Bowl that season,

As Flacco spoke in the Ravens locker room after practice Friday, several players voiced their support for Flacco with comments such as “I got your back Joe!” and “Leader!”

There was some laughter, but it was clear Lewis’ comments struck a nerve.

Addressing Lewis’ remarks after practice on Friday, coach John Harbaugh said, “That’s a passionate guy talking. I think everybody expresses their passion in different ways. “

“Every personality is different,” Harbaugh added. “Every single guy does their thing in a different way. But every single guy here cares deeply. And works very hard. And wants to be great at what they do.”

“As a leader you have to understand no two people are the same. No two people react the same way, express themselves the same way. Everybody does it a little differently.”

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Hard Knocks L.A. Episode 1 Recap: Anthony Lynn tested positive, Justin Herbert shines

Hard Knocks L.A. Episode 1 Recap: Anthony Lynn tested positive, Justin Herbert shines

Football is back on TV as the new season of HBO's Hard Knocks premiered Tuesday evening. It’s the first time in the documentary's 15 seasons that the show will follow two teams, the Los Angles Chargers and Los Angles Rams. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from episode one. 

Anthony Lynn tested positive

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn revealed in the opening scene that he had tested positive for coronavirus earlier this year. Lynn is the third known NFL head coach to have contracted the virus, joining New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Peyton and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

Justin Herbert shines

The Chargers first-round draft pick was the star player of episode one showing off his arm skills. He nailed almost every one of his targets during accuracy drills. The episode didn’t show too much of any player, but the former University of Oregon signal-caller stole the show in small amount of camera time he had

Rams head coach Sean McVay

Sean McVay’s introduction to the show had fans jealous of the panoramic views from his home in Los Angeles. McVay’s jokes were also a highlight of the episode. 

COVID-19 precautions and safety

Training camp is off-limits to fans in order to decrease potential exposure of the virus for players and staff. With that in mind, Hard Knocks is fans and media members first look at what an NFL training camp in 2020 looks like. From the frequent testing to the outdoor facilities that both the Rams and Chargers have invested in, it's a different type of training camp. It’s also a different type of Hard Knocks, but because of our desire for anything football-related, it has the potential to be one of the best seasons yet.
It will be tough to top the excitement of episode one but with two teams in action, there's no shortage of storylines. Episode two airs on HBO next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. 

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Adam 'Pacman' Jones feuding with Joe Haden over burnt jerseys

Adam 'Pacman' Jones feuding with Joe Haden over burnt jerseys

How many, 'This is peak 2020' moments will it take for that saying to go out of style? Or has it already?

Anyway, whatever's going on with former Bengals corner Adam 'Pacman' Jones and Steelers corner Joe Haden could certainly be considered a 'Peak 2020' moment.

It all started when somebody decided to send Jones a box filled with signed Haden jerseys. Thinking Haden sent him the jerseys, Jones lit them all on fire.

In response to the video, Haden's agent Drew Rosenhaus told Pro Football Talk, "I want to clarify that Joe Haden was not involved in sending his jerseys to Adam Jones. He had no knowledge of this and was not connected to it. He had no knowledge of this and was not connected to it. Furthermore Joe has been a first class person on and off the field. We do not appreciate or condone Jones negative reaction or comments. Joe has had immaculate track record in the NFL and should not be treated this way by another member of the NFL family.”

Haden hasn't responded himself yet, so at this moment the feud remains between Jones, a box of jerseys and Rosenhaus. Sounds about right if you paid attention to Jones' playing career. 


There is no love lost between Jones and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Honestly, you could say the same thing about the rest of the AFC North for that matter. Jones played on the Bengals from 2010-17 and worked up a reputation as a big-hitting defensive back who from time to time, delivered a few dirty hits alongside the notorious Vontaze Burfict. 

It's an incredibly odd situation between one retired player and a vet who's never played with him. Maybe more will come out of this situation, and maybe it flames out. 

One thing is for certain, though. Whoever actually sent Jones those jerseys is sweating right now. 

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