Justin Tucker took his usual running start and crushed the kickoff high and deep, through the end zone and right on through the uprights 10 yards behind the goal line. That’s a 75-yard kick, and coach John Harbaugh said, hey, that should be worth something.

“I’m on record advocating that should be a point,” a smiling Harbaugh said after the Ravens' 19-14 win over Cincinnati. “I’m serious now, kinda. Really, how exciting would that make it, for him to make these kickoff touchbacks so valuable? Let’s do it. Let’s go for it.”

Tucker has already proven to be the Ravens best offensive weapon this season. He made four more field goals on Sunday – from 36, 52, 54 and 57 yards – for most of the Ravens scoring.

Through 11 games, Tucker has made 27 field goals and the Ravens have scored 19 touchdowns.

While kickers around the league have struggled to hit extra points at the longer distance implemented last season, Tucker has been automatic: He is the only kicker in the league who is still perfect, 15-for-15 on extra points and 27-for-27 on field goals.]

Tucker, who was openly critical of the rule change that moved the spot to the 15-yard line for extra-point kicks, said, not surprisingly, that he would be all in favor of scoring a point for a kickoff through the uprights.  

“If we’re going to keep making the game harder for kickers, you gotta reward us in some way,” Tucker said. “The ownership, the Competition Committee, the NFL, they’re great at this give-take thing when (collective bargaining agreement) time comes around, maybe we can throw that one out there.


“Maybe you get a point for putting the ball through the uprights on a kickoff. I’d really appreciate that. Especially a day like today. You’re playing a close game, a division rival. Any points you can get, they’re hard to come by. If you can get ‘em like that, I’m all for it.”

Tucker has already been the Ravens most valuable player this season. Tweak a rule that would increase his value even more?

Of course he and Harbaugh are all for it.

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