Hacksaw Smithers did not participate in the Ravens’ practice Thursday, but his sense of humor, along with the team’s, remains intact. 

No, the Ravens didn’t sign a new linebacker this week.

But it turns out, Terrell Suggs’ recently discovered pseudonym is here to stay and was listed on the Ravens’ injury report Thursday.

It started when Suggs casually joined a media conference call Wednesday with Dak Prescott, posing as his alter ego, reporter Hacksaw Smithers, with a question for the Cowboys’ rookie quarterback.

Suggs identified himself as Hacksaw Smithers before asking the unsuspecting Prescott what he thinks of how Suggs has been playing.

“What was your name?” Prescott asked.

Suggs repeated himself, and Prescott went on to answer the question, describing Suggs as a “special” player.

But where did Hacksaw Smithers come from?

According to ESPN, Suggs explained “Hacksaw” is from his late uncle, and he has the name tattooed on his right leg. But there’s nothing special about “Smithers.”

“I was just trying to come up with something,” Suggs told ESPN. “And I came up with that.”

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