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2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018 Tale of the Tape: Washington D.C. vs Las Vegas

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018 Tale of the Tape: Washington D.C. vs Las Vegas

For the first time in 20 years, the Capitals are headed to the Stanley Cup Final

For the first time ever, they'll meet the Vegas Golden Knights there. 

The connections between the Caps and Golden Knights are everywhere.

George McPhee, the GM who brought the Caps to the finals in 1998, is at the helm for the Golden Knights now.

Nate Schmidt, a fan-favorite while in D.C., plays for Vegas, too. How else does D.C. and Vegas stack up?

We've compiled a useful list for you.

Washington D.C. vs. Vegas Tale of the Tape:

NHL Playoff Appearances: 28 (WAS) | 1 (VGK)

Stanley Cup Final Appearances: 1 (WAS) | 0 (VGK)

Stanley Cup Championships: 0 (WAS) | 0 (VGK)

Most Famous Celebrity: Dave Chappelle (WAS) | Jimmy Kimmel (VGK)

Most Famous Monument: The Washington Monument (WAS) | The Strip (VGK)

City Population: 693,972 (WAS) | 632,912  (VGK)

Best Song About The City: Mambo Sauce, "Welcome to D.C." (WAS) |Elvis Presley, "Viva Las Vegas" (VGK) 

Famous Zoo Animals: Giant Pandas (WAS) | None, Ha (VGK)

Biggest Gamble: Using the Metro when you need to get somewhere urgently (WAS) | The Venetian (VGK)

Biggest Draw: All the museums are free (WAS) | Literally any casino (VFK)

Most Impressive Dam System:  Tidewater Lock (WAS) | Hoover Dam (VGK) (it counts) 

Animals Native to Area: Eastern Gray Squirrel (WAS) | Desert bighorn sheep (VGK) 

City's Nickname: Chocolate City (WAS) | Sin City (VGK) 

The Capitals vs. Golden Knights 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final series gets started with Game 1 on Monday, May 27th at 8:00 p.m. on NBC Sports. (Channel Finder)


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The goal that no one wanted: Alex Ovechkin gives up hat trick to set up T.J. Oshie

The goal that no one wanted: Alex Ovechkin gives up hat trick to set up T.J. Oshie

Alex Ovechkin had two goals, the puck on his stick and an empty-net yawning. The Caps held a 4-2 lead on Monday against the Vancouver Canucks late in the third period and the win looked all but secured. The only thing still up for grabs was the exclamation point empty-net goal.

Ovechkin took the puck in the defensive zone and weaved his way through the neutral zone. Once he hit center ice, there was only one player between him and the net. The hat trick looked all but certain…until he passed the puck away.

He easily could have taken the puck himself and fired it into the empty yet, but instead he chose to pass it off to T.J. Oshie on the wing.

Oshie delayed, but with the trailing Vancouver players skating into the passing lane, there was no way for Oshie to try to pass it back to Ovechkin and he very reluctantly shot the puck into the net.

When the players returned to the bench, the disappointment on Oshie’s face was clear to see. He wanted Ovechkin to get the hat trick, but Ovechkin wasn’t having it.

After the game, head coach Todd Reirden praised Ovechkin for his leadership.

“He could have easily got in the red and tried to score himself and it wasn’t even a thought,” Reirden said. “He passed right to Osh and Osh couldn’t go back to him and that’s the way it worked out. It doesn’t bother him one bit and I think that’s where you see a different player than maybe you saw three or four years ago that is not focused on individual stuff. He’s doing the right thing and he feels if you do the right thing for long enough, you’re going to get rewarded.

“We were benefactors of that last season with being able to win out at the end. He’s really got a lot of buy-in right now for doing the right thing. I think his leadership is really in the last probably year, year and a half has really gone to a new level.”
Reirden saw leadership on the play. Oshie saw disappointment.
Ovechkin offered his own explanation for giving up the shot as he said, “Save it for next time.”



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Nicklas Backstrom passes 600 career assists with a three-point night vs. Canucks

Nicklas Backstrom passes 600 career assists with a three-point night vs. Canucks

Nicklas Backstrom can so often be overlooked thanks to his superstar teammates. But on a night in which Alex Ovechkin scored two goals and four points and John Carlson had a goal and three points, Backstrom was the man of the hour on Monday in Vancouver.

With his three assists on the night, Backstrom tallied assists No. 599, 600 and 601 of his career. He is just the 87th player in the history of the NHL to reach the 600-assist mark.

“It means that I’ve been playing in this league a long time I think now,” Backstrom told NBC Sports Washington’s Alan May after the game. “It's a nice milestone, of course, but we’re not going to stop here. We’re just going to keep going.”

Very fittingly, Backstrom’s 600th assist came on a power play goal to Ovechkin. Per NHL Stats, 235 of Backstrom’s 601 assists have been to Ovechkin. T.J. Oshie comes in at a very, very distant second as Backstrom has set up the veteran winger 49 times.

Ovechkin and Backstrom’s careers will be forever linked given the success they have had together in Washington. While that has caused many to overlook the soft-spoken Swede, it is foolish to continue to underrate him and his ability.

Backstrom is an absolute superstar who just so happens to play on the same team as one of the best players in the world and one of the biggest personalities in the sport.

But make no mistake, Backstrom is an elite talent in his own right.

Backstrom is now the first player from the 2006 draft class to reach 600 assists. The next closest is Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux with 471.

The level of success Backstrom has managed to find while in the league has been surprising even to him.

“I wasn’t really sure what I expected out of myself,” he said. “I was just trying to enjoy it. Luckily this organization believed in me and played me a lot after a couple games there and then it just took off. It’s been going fast, but I’ve had so much fun.”