During his time in the NHL, NBC Sports Washington Caps analyst Alan May picked up 91 fights during his time with the Caps and 105 total.

Which, in the eyes of the Racing Presidents podcast, makes him an expert on fighting. On Monday's podcast, he  was asked who the most valuable brawler would be on the Nationals,

May picked Adam Eaton.

"I would have to go with the physique," May explained. "He's not the tallest guy, but he's built to ground and pound and throw some bombs."

For those actually trying to picture this, per the statistics website Baseball Reference, Eaton is 5-9, 176 pounds.

So what makes a good brawler?

 "There's guys who get behind one of their teammates and are bouncing around acting like they're gonna throw a bomb and they do nothing," May said. "Then there's other guys that run from the back of the pile to get right in the middle of it."

On a previous Racing Presidents podcast, hosts Chase Hughes and Bob Trosset picked Yan Gomes and Matt Adams, respectively, as the two Nats players they wouldn't want to face in hand-to-hand combat after discussing Yasiel Puig's role in a brawl between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates.


That penchant for fights, May said, is something he brought to his love of baseball.

"You're not supposed to say you like fighting but I love a good, old-fashioned baseball brawl and I love when someone charges the mound or the pitcher charges down to the batters box," he said.