Apparently, the Caps were just too lit with the Stanley Cup this year.

The Capitals won it all this year after an historic playoff run, and their ensuing summer-long celebration may have been even more legendary. Many of the Capitals stars went nuts with enthusiasm, partying nonstop from June to August.

One of the most enduring images from the run was seeing players perform keg stands out of the Stanley Cup, a tradition that apparently hadn't been done before. According to the Washington Post, it won't be a tradition for very long.

Philip Pritchard and the Hockey Hall of Fame have "politely" requested that the Capitals refrain from any more Cup stands, out of fear of damage to the hallowed trophy. Pritchard is quick to mention that the Capitals have treated the Cup with respect and reverence during their wild celebrations, but he is worried about a player being dropped or the Cup being altered in some way.

The team has rightfully celebrated with gusto and vigor, and they've earned the right to kick back and celebrate (responsibly). But even for champions, there are limitations, and the Caps appeared to have reached theirs.



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