NBC Sports Washington Capitals analyst doesn't expect the Hurricanes to gain anything if they go after Alex Ovechkin in retaliation for the fight that ended rookie Andrei Svechnikov's Game 3 early on Monday.

On Monday, in the Capitals' 5-0 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, the Caps captain got into his first fight in nearly nine years with the Hurricanes rookie in the first period.

It took only three punches to knock Svechnikov out cold, who did not return to the game after that and is in concussion protocol.

"This is just one of those things where it’s a big highlight for a couple of days," May said Tuesday on The Sports Junkies. "If they think they can go after Ovechkin, then the Caps can do the same thing and start going after their players, and [Tom] Wilson can just skate over to their bench, he’s the toughest player on the ice, he can say, ‘if anyone does anything like that again, I’m grabbing Sebastian Aho and he’ll never play hockey the rest of this series.”

After the Capitals loss, Ovechkin said he hoped Svechnikov was OK - but reiterated that the Hurricanes player had challenged him to a fight. 

“I'm not a big fighter and he's same way," he said. "He asked me to fight and I said, let's go. Yeah.”

May said he didn't think Ovechkin owed anyone an apology.


“Back in my era, no one ever apologized for a fight," May said on the Capitals Talk Podcast on Monday. The Capitals take on the Hurricanes again in Raleigh on Thursday for Game 4.