Their heads bobbed up and down in the window trying to figure out who was the mysterious figure standing in front of the house. 

The Dobbie brothers – Jack, 11, Woody, 8, and Henry, 5 – were just waiting for their Papa John’s pizzas to arrive on Thursday night. They weren’t expecting the delivery man to be Alex Ovechkin. 

With what might be his prettiest assist of the week, Ovechkin dropped off pizzas to the Dobbie boys, who should be the talk of their Arlington County elementary school today, took a quick photo with them and was off to his next stop. 

It was an afternoon of pizza delivery for Ovechkin, who also delivered pies to kids at a Fairfax County pediatric cancer clinic, a youth hockey team at MedStar Capitals Iceplex and to an Arlington County firehouse.

“Now I want to learn about hockey!” Hank, 5, told his mother, Mary Chris, before digging into his pizza. 

Ovechkin has that effect on people. If the Dobbie brothers are growing hockey fans, the firemen at Arlington’s Fire Station 2 are already all-in on the Capitals.  

Unfortunately, as Ovechkin pulled in with pizzas for the group working Thursday evening, lights and sirens flashed and the truck and ambulance left the station. Duty called.  

But Ovechkin left pizzas and took a few pictures with the crew left behind. Earlier in the afternoon for his first stop, he’d delivered to kids at the cancer clinic in conjunction with Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic. Nurses and hospital staff lined the hallway and applauded as the pizzas made their way in. The children got to hang out with Ovechkin for about a half-hour.  


The scene that greeted him at his final stop was a little more chaotic. MedStar Capitals Iceplex is a busy place almost any night of the week with practices and games on both rinks.  

Add Ovechkin walking into the rink with a few dozen pizzas and the place goes crazy. He brought the food into a locker room off the main rink and kids playing for the 10-and-under MedStar Youth Hockey team, still in uniform, cheered.  

They also peppered him with questions: “Is Sidney Crosby your rival?” one asked. 

Anyone who knows how often Ovechkin has been asked that question by professional journalists over the years had to stifle a laugh. Ovechkin had fun with it this time, though.

“No, he’s my friend!”

The budding hockey star stared wide-eyed and slightly horrified. “He is?”

Ovechkin just laughed, took a few more pictures with the kids and signed some equipment. Parents had their cell phones out to capture the moment. And the famished young hockey players got an early jump on dinner. All in a day’s work even when the Capitals are off.  

“Pizza is just better when Ovi delivers it,” one of them said to no one in particular.