Ovechkin's contract announcement was a nod to Michael Jordan


It was a good day for Washington Capitals fans everywhere when Alex Ovechkin announced his five-year contract extension with the franchise that drafted him in 2004. 

The way he announced it may bring back some great memories for basketball fans as well, especially Bulls fans. 

When Michael Jordan announced his return to the NBA roughly 18 months after retiring in 1993, he sent a memo to the league using one phrase: "I'm back."

Ovechkin used that same phrase to let Capitals fans know he was signed on for five more seasons, all but locking in his commitment to D.C. for the rest of his NHL career.  Related: What Ovechkin's contract extension means for the Gretzky chase

Now, Ovechkin can hope to have a taste of the same success Jordan had after using the famous, "I'm back." He went on to win three more NBA championships and two MVP awards before retiring again in 1998. 

Ovechkin can close in on history over the next five years with the Caps, too. He sits 164 goals behind Wayne Gretzky's all-time record and will need to average roughly 33 scores in five years to break it.