Women all over the D.C area have just one question: Is Tom Wilson's face ok?!

Wilson took a high stick to the face late in the second period of Wednesday's game against the Bruins and left the ice a bloody mess.

“He did get a high stick in the face, I don’t know how they didn’t call it, he fought a mountain of a man in Chara, so he was all-in last night, paying the price in different areas," head coach Todd Reirden said on The Sports Junkies Thursday.

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NOT THE FACE. (Photos: @nhlonnbcsports)

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Poor Wilson.

“As I joked with him when he had his mustache, I said for about the end of November, I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’s tough to be down to a 9.5 now, huh? Instead of a 10?’” Reirden said.

(We beg to differ, Reirden)

But have no fear, Caps fans. Reirden thinks Wilson will be back to a perfect-10 in no time.

“This morning, he’s probably kicking around, between a 9 and a 9.5, but I’m confident he’ll be back to his normal 10-self in the next day or so here," Reirden said.