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Brenden Dillon suspended for brutal slash on Madison Bowey

Brenden Dillon suspended for brutal slash on Madison Bowey

As it turns out, no, you are not allowed to try to chop someone's hand off in the NHL.

San Jose Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon looked like he was trying to do just that on Monday when he gave a two-handed, Paul Bunyan chop to the hand of Madison Bowey. You can watch the play in the video above. That chop will now cost Dillon a one-game suspension. The Department of Player Safety made the announcement after a hearing with Dillon on Tuesday.


The Sharks lost their cool a bit in the third period against Washington, taking 37 penalty minutes in the final 20 minutes of the game. Dillon contributed 15 of those as he was assessed a five minute major for the slash and a 10 minute misconduct. The play happened during the final minute with the game well out of reach.

Here's it the official video detailing the DOPS's decision.

The NHL has made cutting down on slashes a point of emphasis this season. Given how many small whacks we have seen get called penalties, it is no surprise to see the league come down hard on Dillon. There is no argument to be made to justify why this play is not dirty and that's why Dillon will have to sit out the next game.


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Alex Ovechkin scored the goal that sent the Capitals to the Stanley Cup Final

Alex Ovechkin scored the goal that sent the Capitals to the Stanley Cup Final

On June 4, 1998, Joe Juneau scored the biggest goal in the history of the Washington Capitals.

In Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final, Joe Juneau attacked the crease and shot in a rebound past a helpless Dominik Hasek in overtime to defeat the Buffalo Sabres and win the Eastern Conference.

That goal sent the Capitals to its first and, before 2018, only Stanley Cup Final.

Alex Ovechkin’s name was already etched in the history books for the Capitals several times over, but on Wednesday he added it again with the biggest goal of his career. His goal in Game 7 stood as the game-winner meaning it was the goal that sent the Capitals to their second Cup Final.

You can watch it here:

It did not come in overtime and was not quite as dramatic as Juneau’s. In fact, no one knew the significance of the goal at the time. It came just 62 seconds into the contest. It was a significant goal, but no one realized right away that it would be an historic one.

How fitting is it that Ovechkin scored the game-winner? Ovechkin who this team was built around, who reignited the franchise and built Washington into a hockey city. After all the criticism over the years, all the talk about how he can’t win, all talk about how the team should take away the C and all the talk about how the Caps should trade him and start over, this goal was not just a moment of history, but one of vindication.

When we look back on Ovechkin’s career, at all the individual awards and accomplishments, this one single goal will stand above the rest. This was the biggest game of his career and he scored the biggest goal of his career just 62 seconds in.

There’s one way he can top that: lead the Caps past Vegas for their first Stanley Cup.


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D.C. fans take to the streets to celebrate after Caps beat Bolts

D.C. fans take to the streets to celebrate after Caps beat Bolts

With their 4-0 win against the Tampa Bay Lightning to advance to the Stanley Cup Final, the Capitals did something they haven't done in 20 years. It's only their second time going to the Final in team history.

Not only is it the first time in 20 years the Caps have made it to the Stanley Cup Final, it's the first time in 20 years that ANY D.C. team has reached a championship round. After being disappointed by their teams in the playoffs year in and year out, D.C. fans were ready to celebrate their city changing the narrative. F Street outside Capital One Arena was packed with fans cheering, celebrating and chanting "We want Vegas."

If you thought the National Portrait Gallery steps were packed after the Caps beat the Penguins, that was nothing compared to Wednesday night.

Caps fans were even representing outside Amalie Arena in Tampa, cheering on the Caps as they left to return home. 

National sports pundits have criticized the D.C. fanbase in the past for not being passionate enough. Michael Wilbon recently said the nation's capital is a 'minor league sports town.' Does this reaction say minor league sports town to you? I don't think so. D.C. fans are the real deal, and they're ready for the Caps to be in the Stanley Cup Final.


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