Young Capitals fans may be getting some good-looking jerseys this Christmas. 

Washington boasted the top-selling reverse retro jersey from Dec. 1 to Dec. 6 this past week. 

The stylish jersey, which the team will wear for select games this season, sports patriotic colors of the American flag and a screaming eagle design reminiscent of the 1997-98 team. 

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"In every step of the process with the NHL and adidas, we took great strides to design a Reverse Retro jersey that our fans would be proud to wear," Monumental Sports & Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Hunter Lochmann said in a release. "The Capitals Reverse Retro jersey is a tribute to the team's significant history, and we appreciate the amazing support and excitement from our fans. We look forward to seeing the Capitals Reverse Retro jersey across the fanbase and on the ice during the 2020-21 season."

Funny enough, the team of the Caps' most-prized free agent this past offseason, Henrik Lundqvist, came second in the top-selling jerseys.