We'll just go ahead and say it. The Capitals are throwing the best championship parade in championship parade history.

The celebration for the Caps began Thursday night in Vegas, which is the ideal place to start a party.

But now, thousands upon thousands of people will flood to D.C. to share in the joy of finally winning the Stanley Cup and we're not sure if the party will ever stop.

Here are some of the must-see moments from the celebration.

The Caps started their morning with a Stanley Cup team photo. Just look at those smiles.

Warming up is very important for the body, not just in hockey, but for a parade. Alex Ovechkin - being the legend that he is - knows this.

This is the greatest day of this man's life. We apologize to his future wife and children. 

10:44 a.m. is obviously prime fake Stanley Cup keg stand time. 


A casual Tuesday F-16 flyover.

We hope Ovi never lets go of the Cup.

Jakub Vrana is quickly becoming a fan favorite in D.C. First the tattoo, now this.

Who needs the Stanley Cup when you have the ... Natty Cup?

Smith-Pelly is not only a Stanley Cup champion, but he's the World Heavyweight champ, too. At least for today.

You get a high five and you get a high five!


It's very important to stay hydrated out there. 

Is there anything more beautiful than this?


That's our goalie!

Vrana is everyone's spirit animal.

T.J. Oshie loves that over-the-shirt chug.

We're lucky Burakovsky's hockey talent is better than his dancing.

Someone please put "finally we start playing hockey like we can party" on a shirt for us. 

And finally last - but not least - Ovi delivered the greatest speech in the history of speeches.