Caps' Garnet Hathaway on NHL cooking series 'Skates & Plates'


Now that NHL players have gotten used to dining at home, some are putting their culinary skills to the test on the cooking series "Skates & Plates" just in time for the holidays. Capitals forward Garnet Hathaway headlines the special holiday episode premiering Monday night. 

Originally airing on all NHL platforms, including their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook channels, NBC Sports Washington and NHL Network will televise the special show at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and at noon on Sunday, Dec. 27. 

Hathaway's love for cooking is also part of the reason why he created his "Hath's Heroes" program helping provide meals to first responders, even partnering with local D.C. organizations to help provide food for the frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Every "Stakes & Plates episode a guest chef walks an NHL player on how to cook a top-notch caliber dish. This week, the Capitals forward will join Joel "Chef Jojo" Thomas, an avid hockey fan and recreational player himself, who has been a staple in the District's cooking scene since 2012.  Thomas will walk Hathaway, a Maine native, through making his signature seafood chowder and apple salad.

Just watch this amazing preview where Hathaway shows off his dog in preparation to learn the new dish:

The recipes for the dishes being prepared for these episodes will all be available on