John Carlson encourages fans to vote


Athletes across all leagues have made a conscious effort recently to encourage fans everywhere to utilize their right to vote in pursuit of more drastic change amongst oppressed groups in the U.S.

Friday, Washington Capitals defenseman, John Carlson took to social media to keep the momentum going towards voter participation in the upcoming presidential election.

"Your vote matters," Carlson said. "Make sure you participate on November 3. If you're not registered it's easy, visit If you live in D.C. you can register and vote at Capital One Arena starting Tuesday, October 27."

"Make a plan to vote and make sure your voice is heard."

Monumental Sports & Entertainment announced a partnership with DC Board of Elections on its “Vote Safe DC” campaign Thursday, which will open Capital One Arena as an early vote location and Election Day vote super center for all voters in the District of Columbia.

"D.C. this opportunity is about you all," Beal said at the super center announcement. "I was someone who didn't take registration seriously. I was someone who thought my vote didn't count, so I can selfishly sit here today and say 'it does.'"