Capitals center Nic Dowd found out during the eighth episode of the team's podcast "Between Two Blue Lines" that Judge Judy Sheindlin sent him a signed photograph of herself after she found out that his nickname is based off of her.

Dowd and fellow Caps forward Garnet Hathaway reacted after seeing the photo that Sheindlin sent him, thanking the team's VP of Communications, Sergey Kocharov, for the nice surprise. 

Hathaway read out the letter that Sheindlin sent Dowd in addition to the autographed picture.

"If Nic and guest would like to visit in the future, please call me" Hathaway read, stating that she included her personal number. 

Alex Ovechkin gave Dowd the interesting nickname last season, and it stuck.

“It happened while we were playing sewer ball last year," Dowd told The Athletic last November. "It’s called sewer ball because you basically try and screw each other over. You get two touches. If you don’t get the two touches you’re out. You can kick sh**** balls at people, so it’s sewer ball. It happened at Cap(ital) One. Quite frequently, Ovi (Ovechkin) will plead his case as to why he should not be out. Then it usually comes down to rock-paper-scissors, and whoever wins stays and whoever loses is out. Frequently it comes down to that, even though maybe Ovi should be out most of the time. But he’s the big man so, you know…


“One game I said something right away. I was like, ‘No, you should be out. You should be out.’ Ovi looked at me – and he had said this before to other guys, it’s just kinda one of his 'Ovi Sayings' – he looked at me and said, ‘Whatever, Judge Judy.’ Willie (Tom Wilson) was there and had never heard it. Willie just loved it. He looovvveeed it. It was one of those things, like it didn’t even cross my mind because Ovi had said it so many times to other guys. ‘Whatever, Judge Judy.’ But Willie loved it. And it stuck.”

That nickname isn't going away anytime soon.

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