The Capitals 4-1 win over the Dallas Stars on Saturday was a long time coming. Like, a really, really long time coming.

Heading into Saturday's game, Washington had lost three straight, dropping a third-period lead in all three games. The Caps carried a 2-0 lead with them into the final frame against the Stars, but did not sit on their heels and added two more goals to their score for the win.

But that’s not why the game felt like such a relief. It felt that way because Washington never wins in Dallas.

The last time the Caps won a game in Dallas was Dec. 19, 2017. That’s not so bad, right? That win, however, came in overtime.

When was the last time Washington won in Dallas in regulation? For that you have to go all the way back to Oct. 17… in 1995. There were three Caps in the lineup on Saturday -- Jakub Vrana, Jonas Siegenthaler and Ilya Samosnov -- who had not yet been born when that game was played.

Washington won the game by the score of 4-3. The Caps' goal scorers were Mike Eagles, Mark Tinordi, Stefan Ustorf and Dale Hunter. And just in case thinking about that game didn't make you feel old yet, guess who the goalie was for that win? Jim Carey.

The Stars play in American Airlines Center which opened its doors back in July 2001, making Saturday's game the Caps’ first regulation win in that building ever.


If the Caps go another 24 years between regulation wins, that means Saturday will be the last win until 2043. Let's hope we don't have to wait that long.