With less than a month before training camp opens in mid-September, we are taking one last look back at the 2018-19 season as we dive into the best goals of last year. We compiled our bracket based on the cumulative rankings of our Capitals team, from reporters to producers and everyone in between, and now is your turn to help us determine the best Capitals goal of 2018-19. Below is a Slack conversation between the members of our Capitals content team.

jmurph: We've reached the end of the second round and we've got the 4-vs-5 matchup left. That means Nic Dowd's alley-oop to Carl Hagelin is facing off against a sneaky Evgeny Kuznetsov goal against the Ducks (we won't mention how that game ended). I have a guess where this one is going, but who wants to kick us off?

bmcnally: Ridiculous skill level from Kuznetsov there. You don't embarrass NHL goalies easily. But man...I can't get enough of that Dowd pass.

Rob Carlin: Kuzy was disrespected the last time on the no-look pass. But I think we know how I feel about these Dowd passes. This is a skill. It ain’t luck. Dowd!!

mvioli: I love the Dowd pass, the alley-oop was awesome to see. But Kuzy made that ridiculous goal look so effortless.

Rob Carlin: I meant to say no-look goal for Kuzy. The one vs Toronto. Whatever. It’s Dowd!

jmurph: Both Dowd passes were insane, but this one was inch perfect and he made the read to break up the pass across on the PK. Kuzy might have been hard-done by the last matchup, but this one is all Dowd I think we've found out that Kuzy is the Jakub Vrana of the second round


bmcnally: The fact that he looks up, sees it's Hagelin and just flips it virtually onto his tape is ridiculous. It's not like he just threw it down ice blind and a fast guy skated onto it.

Rob Carlin: I can’t wait to see how many of these passes he can pull off this season. I’m setting the line at 3 1/2. McNally, you taking over or under?

bmcnally: Whoa whoa whoa. 3 1/2? Man. That's excessive. I think the line has to be 2 1/2 right?

jmurph: Is the line set for attempts or just goals? Because I'm hammering the over on attempts, not so sure about the goals side of things bmcnally: If a guy is hitting 4 of those in a year he should go directly to the following year's All-Star game.

Rob Carlin: He did it twice last year and he wasn’t even a full time regular. So you’re taking the under? I don’t know why you hate Nic Dowd so much?!?

bmcnally: I'm taking the under on 3 1/2 but I love this question

Rob Carlin: :joy: :joy: [these delightful emojis do not translate with our webpage]

jmurph: Kuzy is sitting here now trying to figure out how to get on the end of one of these so he can advance to the semis

Rob Carlin: Until he does, we say goodbye to Kuzy. #OnwardDowd!