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Caps Goal of Year Bracket: Kung Fu Oshie vs Ovi's 50th

Caps Goal of Year Bracket: Kung Fu Oshie vs Ovi's 50th

With less than a month before training camp opens in mid-September, we are taking one last look back at the 2018-19 season as we dive into the best goals of last year. We compiled our bracket based on the cumulative rankings of our Capitals team, from reporters to producers and everyone in between, and now is your turn to help us determine the best Capitals goal of 2018-19. Below is a Slack conversation between the members of our Capitals content team.

jmurph: The second round rolls on and we have a tough matchup today in a 3-vs-11 showdown between Oshie's Kung Fu kick coming up against Ovechkin's 50th goal. Who wants to get us started?

JJ Regan: We got the rankings wrong on these. I like the Oshie goal, I'm glad it advanced. It's very cool but....

Overrated *clap*clap*clap *

The Ovechkin goal is CRIMINALLY underrated and I am picking the upset.

bmcnally: JJ is out here handing out felonies for a difference of opinion. HARSH.

Rob Carlin: I’m with JJ. There’s a lot of flair on the Oshie goal. But probably didn’t necessarily need it. Very cool. But this is peak Ovi. He’s like the Bionic Man. They just built him bigger, faster, stronger. And you see it all on this one play.

jmurph: I think Braydon Coburn would agree with that assessment

JJ Regan: It's the total package. The beautiful pass, the goal, the hit, #50

jmurph: hey and Oshie is still technically advancing because he made that sweet dish through traffic

Rob Carlin: If not for the video, Coburn wouldn’t even remember this play. He’s buried it deep in his subconscious.

bmcnally: I'm reasonably sure Braydon Coburn doesn't remember this play since Ovechkin knocked him into next November.

timmcdonough: This Ovechkin goal is like Tom Izzo in March. Oshie looked at the draw and knew this matchup was a losing proposition. Great season, but you’re gonna lose.

bmcnally: It was vintage Ovi. It's a great goal and perfect for a 50th. But I'm bucking the trend here. I just can't quit a goal that features a kung fu kick. I've seen similar goals to Ovi's. I have never seen what Oshie pulled off at full speed in traffic plus the finish.

JJ Regan: Oshie is the victim of a bad matchup that should not have happened this round. Maybe the NHL set up our bracket?

Rob Carlin: Great comp. Oshie’s goal was UVA the last few years before the title. Had all the makings of a contender. Until they got Izzo’d. Plus, Oshie’s already through on the Backy pass from the last matchup.

timmcdonough: That said, let’s give the Oshie goal a parting gift of recognizing it was a super cool and unique moment, in a playoff game mind you, and deserves credit for getting this far.

JJ Regan: McNally going out on a limb there. You're by yourself on this one. THe Oshie kick was cool, but just flair.

Rob Carlin: That Kung fu kick will DEFINITELY be in One Shining Moment

jmurph: I hope to see many more of them in the future, but I also hope to see many more Ovechkin 50s

bmcnally: I will take my L and bow out gracefully

I was out here like Gerard Butler in 300. Just run down by the Persians but at least I fought until the end

timmcdonough: “The stick is kicked... and there you are...”



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Trade, coronavirus makes for tumultuous year for Caps' defenseman Brenden Dillon

Trade, coronavirus makes for tumultuous year for Caps' defenseman Brenden Dillon

This is not the way Brenden Dillon envisioned his year going. At the start of the season, he had Stanley Cup aspirations with the San Jose Sharks. Now he is in a hotel in Arlington, Va., on the other side of the country both from where he started and from where he calls home, waiting for the NHL season to resume.

"What a year it's been, really," Dillon said in an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area. "I think for anybody, not just myself or not just a hockey player or a Sharks player specifically, if you were to talk to us in August what things would be like come March time, what it would be. I think it's just at this stage with how everything's gone for me, I almost feel like a little bit of just a lone ranger with where I'm at."

Dillon has been with the Sharks since getting traded by the Dallas Stars in November 2014. During his time there, he made the playoffs in each of the last four seasons including a run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2016. After several years there, San Jose began to feel like home. That was evident in the emotional postgame interview Dillon gave when contemplating if he had just played his last game with the Sharks.

"Leaving San Jose, I was there for a long time, had a home there, had everything kind of stability," Dillon said.

He added, "It's not just somewhere that you work, it's not just somewhere that you move to for hockey. It becomes your home, it becomes your family, your teammates. It becomes second nature where the streets, the people you meet not just at the rink but at the grocery stores, the mall, whatever it might be. You really build those relationships and then really with one phone call your life can completely change."

That phone call came on Feb. 18 when the Capitals traded for the veteran defenseman to shore up the team's blue line.

The trade itself wasn't a surprise. On an expiring contract and with the team being where they were in the standings, Dillon knew he was likely to get traded. When he got word he was going to Washington, he was excited for the opportunity, but that transition to a new team is rarely an easy one.

"You're going from, in my case, one side of the country to the other," Dillon said. "You're going and meeting 22, 23 new coworkers that you're going to see every day. I was very lucky to come to a team like Washington where, when I did come out this way, the guys, I was sitting right in between [Alex Ovechkin] and [John Carlson]. It was pretty cool to be a part of that. I think just the opportunity for me on the ice, it was a perfect fit for my kind of game, being able to skate, move pucks and play my physical brand of hockey. I think it was pretty seamless."

Now that transition has been put on hold as life decided to throw another monkey wrench Dillon's way with the spread of the coronavirus.

With the season paused, Dillon has stayed in an Arlington hotel trying to stay in shape and adjust to his new life. But he is making the best of it with his new teammates.

"There's been a lot of guys here who even during this time, whether it's just a few of us getting together and playing some tennis in the area," Dillon said. "I mean there's a good chunk of guys that are still in town so it's kind of been nice to at least have a little bit of that other than staring at a wall. I've done more puzzles and watched more Netflix than I think a lot of people could. I think though when it does come to the actual hockey part of things, it has been good out here. "

Dillon's mentality has remained positive through it all.

Though emotional about leaving San Jose, Dillon is excited about the chance to come to Washington to compete for a Cup. After a few weeks, he has a good idea of where the good spots are for food in Arlington and Washington, and he is thankful for his new teammates who have made an effort to make him feel welcome.

Dillon is excited for the opportunity that lays before him, he is just anxious to get going again.

"It was fun to be a part of a lot of success in San Jose for the five, six years that I was there," Dillon said. "I will forever cherish that time, from the fans to the city and I'll definitely go back and visit and see some of my friends that are in the town. But to come out here, already it's been a great, great group of guys from management to the coaches to the players specifically too. Really made me feel at home."

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Donut miss this: The best T.J. Oshie photo edits after 2-goal simulation game

Donut miss this: The best T.J. Oshie photo edits after 2-goal simulation game

Everyone loves a good donut, whether glazed, frosted or just plain old-fashioned (if you’re into that sort of thing). You know who really loves donuts? T.J. Oshie and his family.

Back when hockey was still being played, Oshie’s daughter Leni challenged her dad to score a goal and she would get him a donut in return.

Sure enough, he scored and they enjoyed what looked to be one of the best donuts ever eaten.

Now that we have entered the world of simulated hockey, Oshie’s pair of goals in NBC Sports Washington’s simulated game against the Rangers Thursday night meant we were going to see some donuts today.

The Capitals social team took it the next step, tweeting out a cut out photo of TJ Oshie celebrating and put it in front of a picture of a shelf full of donuts. From there, Caps fans went to work. Here are some of the best creations from Capitals nation.

Celebrating alongside his Nationals brethren as they won the World Series last November.

Oshie meeting Santa for the first time!

An excited Oshbabe hitting the dollar on the big wheel and earning that cool $1,000 on the Price is Right.

In the front seat of a roller coaster.

Seeing a fully-stocked shelf of soup at the grocery store.

And even better, TOILET PAPER!!

"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!" It’s Super Donut Man.

Big fan of his own shirt chug at the parade!

Wait Krispy Kreme sponsors who?!?! Get this man a donut deal STAT.

And I might be a little biased, but my personal favorite: T.J. being a little jealous that his best friend is smooching his other best friend.

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