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As soon as the Capitals left the White House from their meeting with President Trump Monday, team owner Ted Leonsis made sure the reigning 2018 Stanley Cup champions got back to business.

"At the White House I hustled out and waited as everyone was coming to go onto the bus and I said, ‘hope you enjoyed that and now the party is officially over. We celebrated on the ice, we celebrated in town, we had a parade, we’ve now been to the White House, it’s over.’" Leonsis told NBC Sports Washington's Rob Carlin in an interview taped earlier this week.

Leonsis sat down with Carlin to discuss last year's first-ever Stanley Cup championship as well as the road ahead for the 2019 playoffs.

"I’m hoping now that the team gets rid of the rear view mirror and is only focused ahead," Leonsis said. "We’re advantaged a little bit we know what it takes now to win, how we have to find that next gear."


With a 3-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes Thursday night, the Capitals punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Now, with only four games left in the regular season, Leonsis hopes the Caps shift their focus to the road ahead and not dwell on last season's accomplishments.

"It was a wonderful experience, one I hope we replicate again. But now we have to get right back into every shift matters every period matters every game matters," Leonsis said.

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