Carolina Hurricanes Twitter account jabs at Capitals following playoff elimination


If getting knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs following a 4-0 shutout loss to the Islanders wasn’t hard enough, the Carolina Hurricanes had to twist the knife Friday morning, making the Capitals and their fans feel even worse.

The Canes’ official Twitter account posted a passive-aggressive tweet directed at the Capitals organization, which read: “Good morning to everyone, especially #Canes fans and the @NYIslanders.”

Carolina, who was also eliminated from the playoffs this week, thanked the Islanders for their service of knocking the Capitals out of race for the cup and deepened the Twitter rivalry that has existed between the two teams for a little over a year now.

Since Carolina and Washington faced off in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2019, the Hurricanes have tried to muster up a rivalry with their division foes, and while they have garnered an occasional response, many of their jabs have been unrequited. 

However, it was Washington that took the first shot back in April 2019 when the Capitals’ Twitter account mocked the Hurricane’s stadium t-shirt design, saying the ‘a’ in Canes looked more like a ‘Q’ – which it did.

About a week later, Carolina answered back and made fun of Washington after eliminating the Capitals from the playoffs in Game 7. Washington, the reigning Stanley Cup champions at the time, posted a photo on Twitter the day the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” premiered. They shared a photoshopped image of Tom Wilson as Jon Snow with the message “We must defend what is ours.”


When Carolina knocked them out of the playoffs 10 days later, they responded to the Caps’ tweet with the caption “Bend the knee,” demanding recognition as the new authority in the Metropolitan Division. Washington responded, “Stay classy Carolina.”

The battle between the two teams continued on Nov. 13, 2019 –– World Kindness Day –– when the Hurricanes posted a thread saying nice things about every NHL franchise except the Capitals.

Then, in July of this year, the Capitals supposedly unfollowed and re-followed the Canes’ account, which Carolina publicized and poked fun at.

While Carolina has enjoyed poking fun at the Capitals organization and has celebrated in Washington’s misery, they were sent packing as well and can enjoy watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs from the comfort of their own homes, too.