While the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights were on the ice battling in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, Vegas' PR was hard at work. The Golden Knights released a statement Monday during the game in which they distanced themselves from the local county government's planning for a Stanley Cup parade.

The statement read:

The Vegas Golden Knights appreciate that the Clark County Department of Public Works is considering a parade in its honor. However, the team has not been involved in any planning discussions and will only begin doing so when appropriate.  Upon learning that the subject of the parade was on the agenda, the Golden Knights requested that it be removed. The Team is grateful and appreciative of the enthusiasm of the community and hopes to revisit this subject. 

This came about because of a Clark County Board of Commissioners meeting agenda set for Tuesday, as first reported by the Las Vegas Sun. Las Vegas is located within Clark County, Nevada. Item No. 27 on the agenda stood out to the hockey community for obvious reasons:

Approve the closure of Las Vegas Boulevard between Sahara Avenue and Tropicana Avenue for a parade to celebrate the success of the Vegas Golden Knights inaugural and record-breaking season in the National Hockey League.  (For possible action)


Oh, my.

Now let's be clear, parades don't just happen. It makes perfect sense that the local government would want to start planning early. Heck, Washington probably has already started planning. Parades require some measure of planning to pull off, especially in a city with as many extra security concerns as the nation's capital. It seems unlikely that there has not been even the most basic of plans set forward for a possible Capitals parade.

Las Vegas has also previously been open about planning a parade even before the Stanley Cup Final began.

But sports tend to bring out all of our deepest rooted superstitions, especially in hockey where coaches and players openly talk about the "hockey gods." When it comes to superstitions, openly planning a victory parade has to be the jinxiest jinx that ever jinxed. This was just begging the hockey gods to come and smite the Golden Knights and on Monday, they were duly smoted.

The fact that the team had to distance itself from the parade plans on the same night it suffered a blowout loss to drop to 3-1 in the series against Washington didn't help the optics of the situation.

Even if you don't think this is a big deal, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and Washington began openly planning a parade route before the end of the series. Mass hysteria and panic would ensue.

These kinds of talks are best kept behind closed doors until the playoffs are over and there are no more series to jinx.

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