The second period of Game 3 between the Capitals and Penguins was just a bit chaotic. 

As if the four goals and seven penalties were not enough -- and if another controversial Tom Wilson hit didn't fill you up enough -- Sidney Crosby may or may not have spat at the Capitals during a tense moment.

Alex Ovechkin was issued a two-minute cross-checking penalty at 13:15, and as the referees attempted to separate the two teams, Sidney Crosby found himself stuck in the middle.

As Ovechkin appeared to grab Crosby, trying to get him out of the middle of the scrum, Crosby appeared to spit at several Capitals players.

So, this one is tough. Yes, Sidney Crosby is known to play by his own set of rules. He's easy to hate. 

And while it does look a lot like he is spitting toward two Capitals players, it also appears as if Crosby's head is jerked back by Alex Ovechkin right has the spitting motion is made.

Trust us. We really want Crosby to be guilty of something as childish as spitting at an opponent. But we're not sure there is enough evidence here. But, by all means, prove us wrong.


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