Don Cherry has been part of the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast since 1986 with his segment "Coach's Corner." Typically, he discusses the tough and physical aspects of the game.

But during Saturday's broadcast, Cherry called out Caps center Evgeny Kuznetsov for his bird-walk celebration.

"Watch the jerk here now after he scores the goal," Cherry said. "He misses here, he's deep in the end, watch Hedman get the goal. Remember kids, Hockey Night in Canada, karma hockey, it always comes back, he's not even in the thing, he is a jerk and he inspires the other team. Remember kids, never inspire the other team."

This isn't the first time Cherry has called out Kuznetsov for his celebration. When Kuznetsov scored to tie the Feb. 12th game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, he celebrated with the birdman celly in front of the Blue Jackets' bench. Columbus gave it right back to Kuzy when they scored the overtime winner.

"He gives ’em that in front of their bench. Watch what Columbus does when they scored. The Birdman," Cherry said. "Watch this in Columbus. You do not make fun of a team when you score. You play the game."

In the Stanley Cup Final, Cherry praised Brayden McNabb for hitting Kuznetsov and potentially injuring him. "You wanna be a wise guy, remember kids, you wanna jump around, this is what happens to ya," Cherry said. "I used to give them the extra little shot there all the time."


Kuznetsov explained that he does the bird walk celebration because his daughter, Ecenia, is a fan of it. It's inspired by the celebration in the video game FIFA '18.

And the Capitals are making good use of the celebration, giving away Kuzy bird walk bobbleheads during their game against the Carolina Hurricanes on March 26.

Not only that, Breaking T made a shirt to commemorate the celebration and insult.

That game could be a battle of the jerks, as Don Cherry called the Carolina Hurricanes a "bunch of jerks" for their Storm Surge celebrations.