Alex Ovechkin is the face of the Washington Capitals. But with his contract up at the end of the 2020-2021, is there reason to believe Ovechkin could play with another team?

The Athletic's Jesse Granger seems to think that the Vegas Golden Knights could be prime contenders for the Caps captain.

In a recent article, Granger explained that Ovechkin could be a fit on the Knights second line next to Cody Glass and Alex Tuch.

The reasons are a multitude. Former Vegas GM George McPhee drafted Ovechkin and the two see each other as family. The Knights are in win-now mode and will have some cap flexibility. Vegas won't have to give up an asset in the Seattle expansion draft. The Caps will need to find a way to re-sign Braden Holtby and Nicklas Backstrom next offseason. And Ovi has expressed an interest in the city of Las Vegas.

But the key here is that, at the end of arguing why Ovechkin could make a valuable Vegas Golden Knight, Granger makes a clear distinction. "This is just for fun. [T]here’s no inside information telling me Ovechkin is an option for Vegas outside the connection between he and McPhee, combined with Vegas’ ability to lure free agents, and the timing of the expansion draft, make it a good fit," Granger states. "If Ovechkin retires a Capital, as is the most plausible scenario, this spot will likely be filled with another top free-agent winger."


In 2018, owner Ted Leonsis clarified that he doesn't believe Ovechkin would chase money or "hang on" if he wasn't playing at an elite level. 

Earlier this year, Ovechkin told Sport-Express that he "didn't like too much to change teams," and that the only two teams he had played for professionally were Dynamo Moscow and the Capitals.

So while speculation runs rampant with the Caps impending salary cap crunch, the Seattle expansion draft and Ovechkin's contract running out, it looks like the captain will stay with Washington until the end.