While Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin make it look easy on the ice, they learned Wednesday in "The Great One vs. The Great 8 Showcase" that replicating their skills in a video game is harder than it looks.

After they each won a game in NHL 20 in their showdown, streamed to nearly 300,000 people on Twitch and raising over $20,000 for charity, they mutually decided to call it a tie and match it to raise over $40,000 total to be split between the Edmonton Food Bank and the MSE Foundation's "Feeding the Frontlines" fund.

Gretzky and his son Ty played as a team in the first game with Trevor Gretzky subbing for his brother in Game 2. Ovechkin played with John Wayne of Caps Gaming.

Besides the money raised for charity, here were some highlights of the event:

  • Team Gretzky scored the first goal of the night by...Wayne Gretzky. When he scored, one of his sons chirped "895!" referring to Gretzky's current record of 894 goals.
  • Gretzky looked like he was going to get the 4-3 Game 1 win, but Ovechkin managed to tie it with 2.8 seconds left in regulation. His reaction was pretty great.

  • Team Gretzky ultimately won Game 1 in overtime but right before the game-winner it looked like Braden Holtby was able to pull off "The Save" again.

  • If you saw that Ovechkin and Gretzky were playing online, would you try to join their game? Probably. The second game was delayed a few minutes when, before they could start, several people tried to join forcing Ovechkin and Gretzky to quit and restart again.
  • The posted goal for the evening was to raise $10,000. That amount was raised before the first game was over. Ultimately they raised over $16,000 by the end of the second. With Ovechkin winning Game 2, Gretzky suggested they end the night with both of them agreeing to pitch in an additional $8,000 to match the half that would be going to each respective charity.

Ovechkin and Gretzky tweeted after the game to thank those who watched and donated. 

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