The Caps had an epic party after winning the Stanley Cup and, according to Evgeny Kuznetsov,

If it looked like the Caps were having a lot of fun celebrating the first Stanley Cup championship in franchise history, it’s because they were.

In the wake of their clinching Game 5 victory over Vegas, an epic party began that lasted for several days and stretched from Vegas to Washington. Celebrating in a Vegas club, taking the Cup through the streets of Washington, swimming in fountains, it all looked like the best time ever.

But was it hard to keep the party going for as long and as hard as the Caps did?

Yes. Yes it was.

The annual NHL player media tour began Thursday with star players from around the league converging on Chicago. T.J. Oshie and Evgeny Kuznetsov represented the Capitals and, of course, they were asked about their Cup celebration.

Kuznetsov gave a pretty epic answer.

“We go hard … A couple days, three days, four days, we still everyone together,” he said, per Sports Illustrated’s Alex Prewitt. “I feel little bad for our wives. They was home, waiting for us, but we still celebrating together, you know? My parents, everyone. Every morning, cup of coffee, hey I’ve got to go with the team. Baseball game, wherever. Next day and next day. Finally, after like 10 days, okay, I’m out of here.”


My wife would be a little peeved too if I was out for a ten day party, but then again, I haven’t won a Stanley Cup.