The Give: Tom Wilson helping Make-A-Wish kids during pandemic


One of the most under-the-radar effects from the coronavirus has been the good work charitable organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation does. 

Locally, Make-A-Wish's Mid-Atlantic Chapter President Lesli Creedon has been vocal about the impact the pandemic has had. In April, Creed told NBC4 that about 90% of wishes - meeting a celebrity or taking a trip to Disney World - from children in difficult situations have had to wait until it is safe for their wishes to become reality. Ten months later and the challenging situation remains.

To make up for it, Creedon and the Mid-Atlantic chapter have been working with local organizations like Easterns Automotive Group as a part of "The Give" campaign to make every child's dream wish come true. They've also gotten help from local athletes like Capitals winger Tom Wilson, who recently purchased some wish "enhancements" (goodie bags and care packages) to send to children while they await their wish fulfillment. 

Wilson also sent a video message of hope while they wait.

"Hey, wish kids. I understand a lot of your wishes are on hold right now due to this very weird time in the world, but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. You're all such awesome kids and it's been a pleasure to get to know you along the way," Wilson said in the video.

"That kind of support is critical. The feeling that is radiating off a child when their wish comes true," Creedon said. "Sometimes it's a smile, sometimes it's tears of happiness, sometimes it's dumbstruck and words don't even come out of a child's mouth. Imagine it, if you could have anything in the world at a time when you needed it most and it appeared for you, you're speechless sometimes." 


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