Lundqvist has some fun with Caps Twitter, new teammate Alex Ovechkin


Since 2005, Alexander Ovechkin and Henrik Lundqvist had always been competitors, looking to best one another on the ice.

It led to incredible moments like this, where Ovechkin netted his 100th career goal in 2007 at the expense of the former Rangers goalie.

But now, the two are teammates. With Lundqvist coming over to Washington during free agency, the days of Ovechkin trying to score on him are over.

Therefore, the veteran goalie would like the throwback videos to stay off the internet. It's water under the bridge.

The moment was all in good fun and a comical introduction to the new dynamic of the relationship.

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For both Lundqvist and Ovechkin, the merger in 2020 will bring benefits for both sides. Lundqvist will no longer have to worry about trying to keep one of the best goal scorers of all-time off the stat-sheet, while Ovechkin won't have to go up against a netminder that sometimes resembles a brick wall. It's a win for both sides.

As long as that is the case, Lundqvist would prefer that their battles of the past and the video evidence remain in the archives.