Long before the Carolina Hurricanes delivered the knockout punch to the Capitals in Game 3, Alex Ovechkin knocked Andrei Svenchnikov out of the game with a brutal fight between the two players.

Ovechkin and Svechnikov have been sparring throughout the series and it came to a head early in Game 3.

In the first period on Monday, Ovechkin and Svechnikov were again engaged in some pushing, shoving and slashing. Ovechkin does not back down from anyone, but he is also not a fighter. His last fight came all the way back in December 2010. That made what happened next shocking.

As the two continued to engage with one another, they could be seen talking. Svechnikov gave Ovechkin a nod and both players dropped the gloves. Soon after, Ovechkin dropped Svechnikov.

Svechnikov is 19 years old and listed at 195 pounds. Ovechkin is 33 and 235 pounds. He literally has 40 pounds on the rookie.

But after the game, Ovechkin said Svenchnikov asked him for the fight.

“First of all, I hope he's OK,” Ovechkin told reporters after the game. “I'm not a big fighter and he's same way. He asked me to fight and I said, let's go. Yeah.”

Careful what you wish for.

One of Ovechkin’s punches connected with a direct hit and Svenchnikov fell back, slamming his head onto the ice. He looked to be in serious distress afterward as he struggled to get to his knees. He had to be helped off the ice and he did not return to the game.


“Hope he's OK,” Ovechkin said. “You don't want to see a guy get hurt.”