WASHINGTON-- Thanks to her mother, Emily Harper has been a die-hard Capitals fan all of her life. 

“I’ve grown up with hockey, thanks to her,” Emily said of her mother, Pam Harper. “The TV’s always on at home, and I can hear her screams from upstairs!”

The two were at Capital One Arena on Saturday to watch Game 2 of the Caps playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes, during which the Caps won 4-3.

On Thursday night, the two were back at Capital One Arena, like thousands of others, to rock the red and support the Caps from miles away at the team's official Game 4 watch party. Events like these, and the Capitals' postseason success, have helped bring the two together. 

One of their fondest memories together, they said, was watching the Capitals win the Stanley Cup outside of Capital One last June. She came to the Arena with her sister, daughter and niece, among other family members, to watch the Caps’ victory.

“It really brought my family together,” Pam said. “My sister isn’t into sports, and she is now a fan of the Capitals. [Watching games] is a now whole family event.”

Pam buys Caps tickets in bulk to make sure that her family and friends can be in on the action.

“For nine months, I schedule my entire life around hockey,” Pam said.

Pam has an entire wall of her house dedicated to the Capitals and their Stanley Cup victory: “The whole wall is filled with the Arena, the Stadium Series, lots of photos of Ovi,” she said, referencing Alexander Ovechkin, the Caps’ captain.


Emily pulled out her phone to show a video of a homemade banner-raising ceremony following the Stanley Cup win.

“It fell down the first time,” Emily said, laughing alongside her mother. “We were all cracking up, it was so funny.”

Emily recalled her first away game with her mother: “We actually went to Raleigh to watch the Caps play the ‘Canes. The Caps won in the final seconds, and we screamed, but of course, nobody around us was happy.”

Her mother added, laughing with tears in her eyes, “We didn’t think we were going to make it out of there OK!”

The Caps have given the mother-daughter duo, as well as their surrounding family and friends, a reason to get together.

“As long as you keep having watch parties,” Pam said, “we will be here.”