Samsonov does his best Holtby impression with great stick save


Ilya Samsonov pulled out a great stick save against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday that had everyone remembering a certain save from Braden Holtby.

In the first period, Samsonov suddenly aw himself staring down the barrel of a 2-on-1 against Nikita Kuchoerov and Brayden Point. That's a pretty formidable duo. Point held the puck as long as he could, then passed it to Kucherov who looked like he had an easy tap-in. Samsonov, however, reached out his stick in desperation and managed to make the phenomenal save to deny Kucherov.

It looked like the Lightning scored right after, but the puck was played with a hand-pass and the play was blown dead, thus ensuring Samsonon was able to keep the puck out of the net on the sequence.

Of course, any great stick save made by a Capitals goalie brings back memories of "The Save" by Holtby in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2018.

Was Wednesday's save in the Stanley Cup Final? No. Was it even a playoff save? No, it was a random Wednesday in the regular season. But it was still pretty nice.