Lars Eller’s World Championship is over. After playing three games for Team Denmark, the Capitals center is out of the tournament due to a leg injury, according to a report by Ekstra Bladet.

Eller revealed on breakdown day that he had been dealing with an injury throughout the playoffs.

“I've been battling something,” Eller said. “Something that's been bugging me. A little bit of rest these next couple of weeks. Just have to take care of it. It doesn't require surgery, it's nothing serious, just with some rest over time, it will be fine, I believe.”

Eller also said the injury happened right before the playoffs and he took several maintenance days during the series. Though the injury required rest, Eller said he would speak to doctors before making a decision on participating in the World Championship.

Despite the injury, Eller ultimately elected to go to Worlds and was performing well. After scoring four points against Great Britain, Eller led the team with five total points and was the most productive Capital at the tournament through three games.

The report describes Eller’s injury as being a leg injury. The national team was aware of it, but determined he could still play with the injury as he had for the Caps. He was reassessed after the team’s third game and it was determined he could not continue. At that point, the Caps wanted him returned and the national team acquiesced.


There was also a conflicting report form Danish journalist Jimmy Boejgaard that indicates Eller was leaving due to an agreement he had with the team to play only three games. If this was the case, it seems reasonable to assume whatever agreement Eller had was injury related.