The clock hit all zeros, and the Washington Capitals were finally Stanley Cup champions.

The celebration was on, and rightfully so. The team's two-day celebration has been well-documented, but one Capital went above and beyond.

Jakub Vrana has been on an absolute mission since the Capitals returned home Friday afternoon.

The Capitals hit the club Friday night. Vrana promptly found an elevated surface.

The 22-year-old Czech Republic native was a relative unknown to the mainstream public before the Stanley Cup Final. But following the Capitals weekend celebration, Vrana has become somewhat of a cult icon.

He showed Joe Beninati his announcing skills. Vrana didn't even give himself a point because he's such a team player!

Vrana's such a team player, in fact, that he had a whole Instagram story of him complimenting his teammates.


He lifted his short-sleeve t-shirt to show us a tattoo on his wrist. Now that is how you know he's a legend ... or just having a great time.

And after all that Vrana was (somehow) still alive.

Once it was time for the actual parade, the youngster just kept on rolling.

His youthfulness and liver strength have been on full display this weekend, and it's safe to say he'll sleep well when this is all over.