It is sadly no longer 2018, the year the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup championship for the first time in franchise history.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop drinking like a champion. If we’ve learned anything about the Capitals, it’s that the team and its diehard fanbase loves to party for extended periods of time.

You can now order a limited edition bottle of Capitals whiskey or moonshine to commemorate the team’s victorious Stanley Cup run for $59.99 or $54.99 respectively, plus shipping.

Palmetto Distillery, founded by brothers and businessmen Trey and Bryan Boggs, produces South Carolina’s first legal moonshine, according to their website. They sell their whiskey and moonshine online through their store, Liquid Blackjack.

Capital One Arena sits 522 miles from Palmetto Distillery. However, the distillery became an official sponsor of the Capitals (and Wizards) last January. In a thick southern drawl, Trey Boggs explains their ties to the D.C. 

Through friends, the Boggs were introduced to late Washington venture capitalist Melvyn Estrin, who bought Palmetto’s moonshine. 

Before passing, Estrin - "probably one of the most successful people I’ve ever looked square in the eye" - invited the brothers to his D.C. home and was fascinated by their legal moonshine production.


"The only thing that separates us from the real bootleggers is the taxes," Boggs said. 

It was through Estrin that Palmetto Distillery was able to start selling in D.C. and opening doors to Capitol One Arena. 

"I can’t say enough nice things about the entire [Monumental Sports and Entertainment] organization up there," Boggs said. "Through the upper execs… they know the housekeeping on a first name basis. It’s incredible people, and they’ve just treated us like family ourselves."

Palmetto currently distributes through Capital Eagle, an Anheuser-Busch wholesaler. 

They currently do not ship to Maryland, but they can send your order to D.C., Virgina or West Virginia unless you are in one of 129 dry zip codes in West Virginia. 

This release follows their limited edition Wizards whiskey, which is still available for purchase. The bottle honors the Wizards’ postseason efforts.