Monday night's game against the Arizona Coyotes looked like it was going to be the Caps' seventh consecutive win, T.J. Oshie scoring an overtime beauty to secure the win. But, the goal was called back, the replay showing Oshie drawn offsides by Lars Eller who slipped, causing Osh to enter the offensive zone too early.

“That’s an emotional roller coaster within five minutes thinking that you win the game and then you end up losing the game," Eller said on The Sports Junkies Tuesday.

Eller told the Junkies that something on his skate caused him to slip, drawing the offsides.

“I felt a couple of shift before that I had a little, there was something on my skate, that I had stepped on something but I didn’t think it was gonna affect me and then the next time I did a crossover the skate just gave out under me and I fell and that actually caused the, made me go offside or made Osh go offside on that play,” Eller said. “That’s where it’s a game of inches right there, you’re an inch off or the puck is an inch off being inside the blue line, that’s tough but that’s how it is sometimes.”

Eller said skate mishaps tend to happen most games and equipment manager Brock Myles has replacement skate blades on hand for every player, sharpened to their preference and ready to replace in 10-seconds if needed. However, Eller said a skate mishap has never happened to him in overtime, especially when he's had the puck.


The Caps head to Philadelphia to take on the Flyers for hopefully the beginning of another win streak Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.