Just over two months after Captain made his debut as the Capitals’ sponsored service-dog-in-training, the team announced on NBC Sports Washington on Monday that it’ll be helping raise another pup in 2020.

Owner Ted Leonsis and his wife Lynn made the commitment as a holiday gift to Monumental partners and friends after being inspired by Captain’s journey in D.C.

Captain joined the team in October as its Rock the Red Carpet event in October and quickly garnered the love and admiration of both players and fans.

He spends time with the players and attends community events in an effort to help him be confident and calm around lots of people. Captain is slated to be with the team for another 12-14 months before traveling to New York and finishing up his training with America’s VetDogs.

Captain also visited the NBCSW office on Monday and will make an appearance on Caps Pregame Live at 6 p.m.